Blue and White kitchen

lavender_lassJanuary 11, 2011

I just love blue and white kitchens...especially with the delft tile :) They're just so cozy!

So, do you like blue and white, or does another color combination read as cozy to you? Any pictures to share?

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That's pretty! I love that stove. I asked a friend from England if those are really common there and she said they stay on all the time. Those big covers are to keep the heat in.

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My very first kitchen was blue and white, but it was also pre-digital, so I don't have pictures. I loved it. There's just something about blue. All I have is an in-progress shot of our current blue and white dining room. This room started when DH saw the blue curtains at the store and insisted we had to have them. Building a room around curtains isn't how I work, so it's certainly a slow mess-in-progress. (The chairs will be slipped in white....just as soon as I find the time to get sewing. I'd like to recover the cushions in a blue ticking, too.)

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Young-gardener, I love your dining room. I can't imagine decorating around curtains, but then, I guess we've all decorated around one thing or another. How big is your room?

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Thanks, Marti. The room is about 14x14, with two small doorways and two window walls. I think if one of the walls was opened up, it would feel quite large. Right now, it's a pass through room between the living room and kitchen.

Around here, they're building big new homes with 12x11 dining rooms, so if we ever move to a bigger house, I'll have to downsize my dining space. Strange!

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I dont post much, usually just read. But I just finished a modest kitchen redo (DIY) in Blue and white.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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sistersunnie, your house is great. That was quite a project and it looks great. I love, love, love the silver chair.

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Absolutely love it! Love the brightness, my favorite color combo. Nice job!

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Ever since I can remember I did the blue and white. Even as a child in my own room. Something happened in my brain. As much as I loved the blue and white I have sent most of it off to go live in some one else's house.

Not saying I would not love it in your house at all. It was my very favorite all my life. Now I am turning to greens and purples. Go figure. Must be the old lady thing happening. LOL

Your inspiration pictures are really pretty.

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LavenderLass, I thought you were interested in a French inspired yellow/white/blue kitchen? The blue/white is nice, but I'm just not a blue sort of person. Sorry.

However, the Delft tiles are fantastic, and I think the blue as an accent color to a yellow/white scheme is great. I also think a white floor tile with small blue diamonds is another feature that is suitable for a yellow/white scheme as well as one which is blue/white.

What concerns me is the use of color in features which CANNOT BE EASILY CHANGED. Like the tile, or the appliances.
I know in my old MoccasinLanding cottage, the bathroom was a solid chunk of sink/tub/toilet, solid pink wall tiles, and various shades of pink floor tiles. I went bonkers, but I know there are folks who dearly LOVE MCM houses with the original bath. It was all of that!

Maybe if I had not grown up MCM, it would be something special to me too, but I prefer either super modern, or turn of the century cozy. I'm almost over the shabby chic stage of my life, and trying the KISS formula of home know, KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID!!!! :):)

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ML- Oh, I still love the yellow...and purple/lavender, green, pink, etc. :)

There's something about a blue and white kitchen that I absolutely LOVE, but I know it would feel too cold without all the other colors. That's why I want a big kitchen, open to a dining area and seating area....and lots of light/windows...but I do want a cobalt blue wood stove!

If I did a blue counter, it would be formica, because I would never buy blue stone. I don't care much for stone countertops, anyway, but blue stone would be a lifetime commitment! LOL

Shades- Green and purple is one of my favorite combinations! It's everywhere in my garden (with a little pink) and it's so warm and cheerful. I'm thinking of using that color combination in the living room.

Sunnie- I think I did something wrong...I didn't see your blue cabinets. Do I need to look through more pictures?

Young- I really like your dining room! I've started with curtains, plenty of times. My mom will find a fabric she loves and we design the whole room around it. You know, Sarah Richardson does that on HGTV. Did you see the bathroom, she designed around the drape material? Gorgeous!

Marti- An Aga would be wonderful, but I think our summers are too hot. If we lived on the west side of the state (Seattle) it might be a better choice! Aren't they pretty?

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The cabinet arent blue. Its a white on white kitchen with blue accessories. Pretty spartan for sure. Feel free to look through more pictures, theres more blue.

Marti8a, that silver chair was a throne I created for my daughters bridal shower. Theres a gold one too that I made for a theather prop. Fun trash to treasure projects.

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I have always wanted a white kitchen with a dark countertop and change my or blue or yellow or even lime green... I think I would tire of the blue tiles, etc. I am always changing colors as the seasons change so don't want anything that is "set in stone"~~ But I also love the crispness of the white and blue.

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When I was really young, I read about a blue and white Scandinavian style kitchen, in a book (can't remember which one). It had a big wooden table on one end, with chairs and a wood stove. Blue and white curtains, delft tiles and white cabinets...and I think, wooden floors with a few throw rugs. In the book, the girl was visiting an older neighbor and described the kitchen as the friendliest one she had ever seen. Although I can't remember the book, I've never forgotten that kitchen :)

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Lav- I haven't seen it, but I LOVE her work. I'll have to look it up.

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Young- Sarah Richardson is amazing! Her farmhouse series is my favorite so far, which is not surprising, since I'm remodeling a farmhouse! LOL

Here's a few pictures of the finished home. There are a lot more and even episodes, on HGTV :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Blog featuring Sarah Richardson's Farmhouse Bath

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I think the books were by Kate Seredy, one was called the SINGING TREE? Scandinavian family. Maybe those. They are children's books. THE GOOD MASTER, THE WHITE STAG, THE CHESTRY OAK. Any sound familiar?

There is also a Scandinavian artist who paints such gorgeous scenes, Larssen? I'll have to look it up. The floors are scrubbed so clean, and the walls are white washed, I think the colors are so light and airy because they have such long and cold winters, it helps keep the spirits up.

Here is a link that might be useful: Carl Larsson, Swedish artist/designer

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ML- Thanks for the book titles. I keep thinking it was in one of the Trixie Beldon stories (kind of a 70's version of Nancy Drew) but I don't remember which one.

We have really long, cold winters, too, so maybe that's one reason I like such a light and bright kitchen...and want the woodstove :)

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I love Carl Larsson!! I buy a picture calendar every year of his paintings/designs. Have always wanted to use that style and those colors.

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Lavender, I waited until my scanner got working to send you this lovely photo. It is in a bridal showroom in Mobile, but it could be such a lovely part of your new home. Absolutely LOVELY, whereever it happens to be used.

And then this next photo came from the New England Home magazine. I like it because of the low window sill over the sink, the beadboard base cab doors, and the wide pine floor boards. Note about pine floorboards like those....they have to be SEASONED A LONG TIME, because they do shrink as they dry out. Recommend that the homeowner have a strict REMOVE SHOES policy when the floors are such a soft wood. Note that the walls in this kitchen appear to be a faint soft blue.

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When I was a kid, I loved Trixie Beldon! I don't remember reading about that kitchen, but then, I don't remember a lot. For some reason "a lick and a promise" is the only thing that stuck with me from those books.

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I do thank you for the link to the Restyle Home blog. I found a philosophical quote by the blogger that I do admire and agree with. I hope she does not mind that I quote it here:
"In essence, we create pockets of beauty within our homes as we can afford, and look at our homes as a canvas that will take time to fill in all the colour. It is not about the end result, but rather this process of nesting that makes us feel good inside. We are creating homes, not masterpieces, and seeking perfection to display to others is simply not on the agenda..."

I know several folks on the Smaller Homes Forum who can agree with that. We are (most of us, I think) in the process all the time, doing a step at a time, toward the objective. I could not have said it better.

And Rafor, I'm glad you like Larsson too. If I recall, he also designed built-in Scandinavian furniture, and in one of his paintings had the built-in beds with chests below and curtains to enclose.

I also recall a stone shed up in Iceland or someplace very cold, which had no roof, until they stopped going to sea and brought home the deep vee plank-hulled fishing boat. Then they turned it upside down to fit perfectly as the winter roof for their shed. Great storage place for the boat, and great protection from the elements for the contents of the shed.

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Marti- LOL! Wasn't that what she said about her Saturday cleaning? :)

ML- Beautiful photos! The soft blues and yellows looks so pretty with the creamy/white cabinets.

I love the look of wood floors, but living on a farm, vinyl that looks like wood will be much more practical. There's not always time to take off shoes or worry about tracking things in, when you have horses.

When our mare got sick a few weeks ago (but she's all better now) we were running in and out of the house to grab things, call the vet, etc. Our current vinyl floors were a mess! That day really convinced me that vinyl would be the best way to go in the farmhouse, too :)

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Yeah, Lavender, I agree that lower upkeep is the best. And if it is not too too expensive, then you don't feel so bad when you must replace it.

I'm too old to know the Trixie Beldon series of books. Were they all written by the same author, or, like Nancy Drew, written on assignment by several writers?

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I believe the Trixie Beldon books were first written by Kathleen Kennedy and then Julie Cambell...but I read a while back that it was actually different writers, using the same names.

I just gave my whole collection (about 34 books) to my 11 year-old niece and her friend, Beatrice. This seemed appropriate since Trixie's real name was Beatrix. I hope they have fun with them...and pass them on to other young girls as they get older :)

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Yes, that's when she said it. When she was in a rush to meet Honey, and it was her turn to do some cleaning, she gave it a lick and a promise.

I bought some of the books for my dd's and they wouldn't read them. Made me so sad. lol

ML, I don't know when they were written. I started reading them in the '60's. Oh, I just looked it up. Says they were written between 1948 & 1986.

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"Marti- LOL! Wasn't that what she said about her Saturday cleaning? :)"

LOL I never knew where that came from but it is my mantra every cleaning day.And then once in awhile I get serious about cleaning.

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Lavender says, "This seemed appropriate since Trixie's real name was Beatrix"

Now that is something I never associated with the nickname Trixie. But of course, you have to know that BEATRIX is pronounced differently for some of us. Spelled differently too. Like Beatrice we say "Bee AT riss" and I bet some of you say "BEE Tricks".....which leads easily to TRIXIE as a nick name. So I just learned something.

Thanks, folks. :)

To keep it ON topic, she had a blue/white kitchen you say?

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ML- No, but someone had a beautiful blue and white kitchen that I read about years ago...and I thought it might have been in one of those books :)

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ML- That last pic you posted from New England Home is my fantasy kitchen! I saved the pic- that's the exact look I want, but my floors will be native oak (the ones felled to make room for the house).

My wife and I have always like blue and white- it's timeless. I also like some of the greens, yellows, reds, and even black accents in kitchens from the 30's and 40's. My wife collects kitchen tools from that era with the cream and green handles. I could see a kitchen in those colors, too.

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Jay- Your kitchen is going to be wonderful! I love your plan...and the 30's and 40's accents will look great :)

Here's a few more blue and white kitchens...

And this one is white and yellow, with blue accents...

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Lavender Lass, I found this book pictured here available at and thought you might want to see it. Check your library first.

Notice the "island" here would be similar to what you want with butcherblock on top. Nice!

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