Adding hidden closure to already sewn garment

zuikoOctober 31, 2008

I have been stumped on this for a while. I'm trying to add a hidden closure to a seam on a garment that has already been sewn. I thought about using a zipper, snaps, and velcro.

I tried sewing in velcro into the seam allowance but I can see the edges of the velcro when it when its fastened because the velcro is black. If I could dye or paint it to be a close match to the fabric, it might work, but I don't think it would take any dye (at least not the hook side) and I think any kind of paint would render the velcro inoperable, unless there is some kind of special paint that would do the job without messing up the hooks and loops.

I tried putting snaps in the seam allowance but snaps leave a small gap (maybe 1/8") so you can see them when looking at them on edge.

Zippers I don't know about... I think I would have to put the zipper in before the seam is sewn, at least if I want it hidden. That is what the instructions I have read all indicate.

Any ideas? Is there something else I'm not thinking of?

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I need more description of the garment, which seam, and what you're trying to accomplish with the closure. Just based on what you wrote, opening a seam and putting in an invisible zipper sounds possible. Or you could think differently and stop trying to hide it and make it a fashion element, depending. Hard to advise without more detail.

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It is a straight seem with maybe 1/2" of seam allowance. I want to add a hidden pocket there. Making and installing the pocket in the seam is simple enough. The problem is closing it up so it is secure and you cant see there is anything there. I bought a hidden zipper actually... that was my first idea, but the instructions I've seen for them all seem to say that it has to be installed before the seam has been sewn. I'm not sure if there is any way around that.

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If you're opening the seam to add the pocket, I don't see the problem with inserting the zipper at the same time, just sew it into the seam between the garment and the pocket pieces.

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