LOOKING for: Home made recipe for Hollywood diet in Womans World

TeeJanuary 2, 2002

Does anyone have a copy of this recipe that was printed in an early December issue of Womans World Magazine? It is a soy version of the Hollywood diet that is said to work wonders.

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1C. Low-fat vanilla soy milk
1C. orange juice
1C. cranberry juice
1C. yogurt w/active cultures
1/4tsp. wheat-germ oil or 2T. wheat germ
1/4 tsp. flaxseed oil

Put in blender and sip throughout the day, along with plenty of water for 2 days.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you! Had the mag but my cleaning lady evidently pitched it...have been searching the ends of the internet for it...again, thanks!

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Does this one recipe have to last all day or when you run out you make more?

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Thank you Sallyab!

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Have lost my copy!

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Is the published recipe for one day or two?

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You can find this article and more by nutritionist Therese Franzese at nutrikey.com

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Hello, Im writing this so others can avoid MY awful experience with this Âjump start 48 Âhour diet, sometimes called the Hollywood Diet.

ItÂs Monday now and IÂm almost feeling normal again, but still very weak. Ever have stomach flu? ThatÂs what this was like.

Saturday morning, full of determination, I mixed up a batch of the WomanÂs World recipe of the diet. Since it had more protein, it sounded more healthy than the Hollywood version of the Âjump-start recipe. Besides, I donÂt care for papayas or apricots, which may be the source of the bitter tang some users have complained about.

It tasted just FINE, and I had my first shake at around 10 am, then went about my usual weekend activity, which was sewing. Not too strenuous. I worked steadily with a big container of water next to me, taking sips off that to keep hydrated as many have recommended. When I got hungry, I drank another fruit shake. Of course I used the toilet a lot more with all this liquid, but IÂd expected that, after all, I was trying to clean out my system. In articles IÂd read about this sort of diet IÂd learned our bowels can hold from 2-7 pounds of wasteÂwhich accounts for most of the Âweight lost in this diet. Of course, once youÂre back on regular food afterwards it all comes back, a little detail the TV infomercials leave out.

Around 4pm my dogs came in and began staring at me. Not normal behavior for them. They are very perceptive pooches and their message was clear: ÂAre you feeling bad? They were right. I was feeling woozy, and had a headache, which I attributed to the sudden diet shift. I drank more water and decidedÂafter sewing a long seam up the wrong wayÂthat I needed to compromise on this. My weakness was such that I couldnÂt sit up to sew anymore, so I lay down on the bed and thought things over. As in the Slim Fast diet the idea of having one sensible meal for dinner made sense. So I had one (with some Tylenol) and felt a little better, but not much. I found I was too weak to sit at the sewing machine even then, and my trips to the toilet were becoming more frequent and cramp-ridden. Ditto for my between-runs rests.

I dozed the rest of the slow evening, lurching up from bed to deal with bouts of out-and-out diarrhea, cursing myself for being so stupid.

I got NO sleep that night, only catching short, shallow dozing between stumbling to the bathroom every 30 to 40 minutes, and groaning with cramp. Throughout all that my little dogs snuggled close, giving what comfort they could. I had chills, then the sweats like a fever victim, terrible cramps, and a thunderous headache that no amount of Tylenol would fix. I kept drinking water, knowing that if I didnÂt keep hydrated IÂd only feel worse.

Finally I took a dose of Emetrol for the nausea. Exactly 30 seconds later I was bent over the tub with an uncontrolled case of the heaves, and remained there in abject misery for the next half hour.

I crept back to bed, extremely weak, and went back to the chills, cramps, and sweats routine for the rest of the night.

In the morning I still had the awful headache, and the shakes kept me from standing upright for more than a couple minutes. The cramps had abated, so I felt certain I was on the down side of the bell curve. I continued drinking water, and in the afternoon managed to keep down a couple finely chewed crackers. I remained bed-ridden the whole of the day. By evening I had dry toast and an egg.

So, there it was: the 24-hour give yourself stomach-flu symptoms diet, and, NO, I did NOT lose ANY weight. The only jump-start to my system darn near burned out the battery, leaving me incapacitated for 2 days, weaker but wiser on the third. (And full of gas!)

I will mention the one time I did lose weight a couple years back. I reduced my calorie intake to 1000-1200 a day, stopped drinking caffeine and anything fizzy (including diet fizzy drinks) and increased my walking to a mile a day. I lost 30 pounds.

ItÂs the same old story, the quick miracle fads just donÂt work. I was able to stick to this one for only 8 hours before my body violently rebelled against the abuse. Had I stuck to it for 48 as the regime calls for IÂd have landed in a hospital with a bunch of health care workers shaking their heads over me, too polite to ask ÂWhat were you THINKING????Â

So you think about it now. As for meÂIÂm going back to the old routine. ItÂs slower, but more certain and 200% healthier.

Pat Elrod

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I have done the Miracle diet twice now for the past 2 months. The first month I lost 8 pounds and the second I lost 10 pounds. NOTE: You are suppose to 'sip' throughout the day making this big drink last for 2 days. I took a multivitamin along with dexatrim naturals and did not get sick, dizzy, nauseaus or etc. But then I didnt drink a whole shake like one who posted on here either!! Instructions clearly say to take sips through out the day or when hunger strikes. I have the actual magazine article should anyone like to see it. Also, I personally had email correspondence with the creator of this diet and she was very clear on how and what you should do. I also have her email address for you should you have any questions (like I did) BEFORE starting the diet. Good Luck! I'm starting my third month of this diet tomorrow!!

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would you please send the article that you offered on the healthy hollywood diet?
thank you

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Hello is there any one out there who knows of a diet featured in Woman's World magazine that was an overnight diet that helped reduced your pot belly. You were supposed to start this diet at dinner the night before. This article came out earlier to mid of the year last year.

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Jackie Stiegler

I am looking for the regular Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet recipe, not the Soy version. I used to buy it at Walmart all the time, but they just discontinued it. I would GREATLY appreciate the recipe. Thanks!!!

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