eureka! tins on the west coast.

bonnielou45April 7, 2009

i finally found myself a tin supplier on the west coast for my travel candles. shipping has been killing me as of late and i've been trying to find someone closer. it ended up being a good find. my cost per unit before shipping went down, the shipping was cheaper, and they didn't have any minimums. just thought i would throw that out there in case people were looking for tins on the west coast like me.

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I'm on the east coast and have been looking for tins for my shea butter creams to accompany my soaps. This is a great find! Thanks for sharing.

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they even sent out a couple samples with my order.

I'm glad that I could help :) Cutting costs these days is a must.

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I have used Specialty Bottle also. I am on the east coast, but they ship promptly, so I don't find their location to be an issue. They also do not have a minimum order.

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yea. finding a company that has no minimums was an added bonus.

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bvitale2 also has very good prices

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