Looking for Grass-scented EO/FO

sara-sApril 9, 2007

I am looking for an oil that smells like fresh-cut grass. I have tried the one from BrambleBerry, and it wasn't a good scent. (They have many good products; I just didn't care for this one.)

Does anyone know of other sites that sell that type of fragrance? If you have used it yourself, please tell me your opinion. Thanks.

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Did you check Oregon Trails?
I remember reading some time back a discussion about New Mown Hay at another forum... But I don't recall which company it was in relation too...

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Try www.thesage.com. They have a scent called Grass which is a Gap dupe, and it is dead on.

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I've used and liked Fresh Cut Grass scent that I got from candlechem.com.

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