LOOKING for: Sugarfree & Heart Healthy recipes

hailie419January 24, 2005

Can anyone help suggesting a good recipe book on the following?? I am new to needing these recipes as I just had a heart attack & now they say I have sugar too, all at the ripe old age of 48! Time foe life style change big time! TIA Wendy

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I hope you're feeling better!

I don't know if this book is still available, but "Live Longer and Better" is a good resource for not only recipes but also for making good lifestyle choices. It was put out by the editors of Consumer Guide. My copy is 1994, I don't know if it's been updated, but if not check used book resources- it should be cheap.

The South Beach diet is good for you too, as long as you stick to mostly fish and veggie meals. Too much cholesterol from meats, even lean meats, will not help your heart. I also have "Protein Power" by Eades and Eades which has many good recipes. It also has information about how your diet affects your health.

The only other thing I would suggest is to ask your doctor about an exercise program if you don't already exercise regularly.

Happy healing!

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I was also going to suggest the South Beach Diet. My husband has lost 40 pounds since his heart attack 4 months ago. He was also prediabetic. Ignore the stupid outdated nutritional advice provided by the Heart Association. I really feel bad for the poor people in his cardiac rehab classes trying to live on their recommended low fat diets. I found the Suzanne Somers diet books had fantastic recipes. I finally ended up checking out all her books from the library and copying the best recipes.

I also got some recipes from www.foodtv.com and doing a search for low carb. Good luck!!

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My friend went today to his first cardiac rehab appointment and was very disappointed in the diet advice. They told him he could have a piece of red meat once a month. He says they more or less told him that if it's good, he can't eat it anymore. I'd like to help him stick to a heart healthy diet. He's not overweight. Just 54, out of shape, had a heart attack and quadruple bypass surgery. And hasn't smoked in the month since the heart attack and surgery. I thought that if he thinks he can eat good food, maybe he'll be less likely to pick up a cigarette again. Is the South Beach Diet ok for someone who doesn't need to lose weight?

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Not familiar with the south beach Diet, but If you do have high blood sugar you need to not only stay away from a lot of sugar, but simple carbohydrates too such as white bread etc. All carbohydrates metabolize into sugar. Simple ones such as sugar and white bread do so a lot faster. If the South Beach Diet limits you to a certain # of grams of carbohydrates a meal then it sounds good.

I think any Diabetic Cook book would be good too. They are geared toward heart healthy as well as blood sugar control.

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I can't recommend any cookbooks off-hand but I can
tell you that it is important what alternative
sweetener you choose to use. I have been using Stevia
for over a year and I absolutely love it. I didn't at
first but I had to make a change because of my blood
sugar. I lost 5 pounds just from that change in my
diet! The following url is the company from which I
purchase my stevia. I get SteviaPlus
Powder and SteviaClear Liquid. One really wouldn't
need a new cookbook that is sugar-free if you switched
to stevia. I hope you find what you need. If I can be
of any help, just let me know!

Here is a link that might be useful: Wisdom Natural Brands

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I have been using the "Healthy Calendar" cookbook, put out jointly by the ADA and AHA. 5 dinners a week for a year. It has helped lower DH's (type 2) blood sugar, and blood pressure readings. We have both lost 8-10 lbs since Feb. We didn't like some of the recipes, but some have been excellent. Available at Amazon.

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