CP Question about water

nrynesApril 2, 2007

Hi All,

I made my first batch of CP soap last week and I think it turned out OK. I'll let ya know in a couple of weeks after it cures. It was actually easier than I thought, and more fun too! I've been lurking here and have gained a lot from reading everyone's experiences. Thank you all!

I did have one question - in the recipe I used, it called for distilled water. That's what I used, but I was wondering why all the recipes call for distilled? Can I use tap water? Will that screw up trace or cause the soap to sieze? I figure there has to be a reason for distilled, I'm just wondering what it is...

FWIW: My tap water is chlorinated and is a little on the hard side



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I don't do CP soap..but I'm sure it's because Distilled is basically "empty" water..everything has been pretty much removed in the process of distillation.
And yes everyones water is different and unknown variables could reek havoc on things. I know that my well water has trace amounts of bacterias in it, even though it's clorinated and treated....

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Thanks! I hadn't thought about the bacteria angle. Makes sense!


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I think your response was bang-on.

Distilled water is a good bet that nothing in the water will interfere with the soap making process; like bacteria, and less of a chance that something in the soap will bother someone else.

I use town tap water exclusively, but first IÂll make ice cubes with it.

I will measure out the ice cubes, put it into the Rubbermaid pitcher, then add all of the lye at once (I make 10 pounds at a time, for an idea of the amount of lye I am using), then stir till all crystals are gone and there is not any grit/lye bits on the bottom of the pitcher. Rarely (but sometimes) the lye does not entirely dissolve, and then I will wait and check; or pass the solution through a sieve while pouring the lye solution into my fats/oils.

Congrats Nancy on your first CP venture.


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So then Ron are you filtering the water?

Why the ice cubes?

Very interesting.

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Hi Terri,

I use ice cubes so that I donÂt have to wait for the lye solution to cool down. I used to filter when I first started this hobby(?) by boiling the town water first; then did without the boiling (we have very good water, but I donÂt like the chlorine smell when I drink it)), now we have a new fridge and the filter is built-in (the ice is made by the fridge/freezer, of course!). I use a 30% water discount and use all ice, I usually donÂt add water to make up the ice weight difference, so I maybe a bit over or a bit short.

I like to soap cool/body temp, for both the oils and the lye solution.
I will prepare the lye solution, then add my additives to either the lye solution or the oils, , while the lye solution is just sitting there cooling; at the same time my oils/fats have come out of the microwave (these are always premeasured) and I wait for body temp for the oils. I do not super heat these oils, so it doesnÂt take long. Trace is in about 10 or so minutes.


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Hello nrynes,

I think that it is a good bet that if your water is good enough to drink, then it is good enough to wash with.

Ask questions if youÂre not sure about something, and if I can, I will help.

I am going on a little vacation for 2 weeks and will check back when I can.

Hawaii is calling.


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Thanks Ron..have a great time away!

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Thanks for your help, Terri and Ron! I appreciate it! I'll be trying another batch of soap thia weekend - this is definitely addictive :)


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