LOOKING for: oil found in wow potato chips

shellyJanuary 2, 2002

looking to purchase a container of oil that is used in wow potato chips, so i may cook lowfat recipes at home. Does anyone know where i can buy this? i have looked everywhere!



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I don't think Olean (or olestra) is available to the general public. As I understand it, there is a lot of extra steps you have to do to use it, you can't just use it like regular oil.

Also, a lot of people have digestive problems with it if they consume very much of it. That is why it is only used right now in snack foods. They figure people won't eat a lot of it.

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Until about a year ago I could get Barbecue flavored WOW chips, which I really liked, esp for about 300 calories a bag. But they have disappeared from the shelves here; has anyone else had this experience? If so, let me know so I can contact the stores and see what's up.

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My super wal-mart has regular, onion and barbeque WOW's. yummmmmmmy

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