Help with Candle making Please

BullyscentsApril 16, 2013

Hi I'm new to candle making and I had bought a candle melting machine. I can make the candle but the wick doesn't burn correctly and the candle doesn't burn all of the way. what am I doing wrong?

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The wick may not be the right size. Underwicking gives the result you describe. Look on some sites that sell candle-making supplies. They often have guides to find the right wick for your project.

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The wick you are using is likely not big enough, or you are not using enough wicks. There is a great wick suggestion chart on Natures Garden website that could help you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Natures Garden

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I like to use cd18 wick, thet work great for me.

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You must consider the size of the container you are using, when selecting a wick. Make sure you measure the diameter.

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