Salve & Solid Lotion Bar

yatyatApril 9, 2006

Hi there,

Could someone be so kind to explain the difference between the salve and solid lotion bar? besides your oil and beeswax, what else would you put in it to achieve the texture?

i want to try putting some oil together but not sure which one of the 2 I should make and how i should make them... i found some recipes for both on the web and here but the ingredients seem similar (oil and beeswax) so i am not sure if they are the same thing.

thanks in advance.


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Salves are a softer texture. You'd use more oils in it.

Which ever one you want to make. I use butters and oils and beeswax in my lotion bars.

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For what its worth, when I think of a salve, which does have a softer texture, I think of something with herbal healing qualities, whereas a lotion bar, while it is harder would be used primarily for skin softening. I use lavender essential oil, and tea tree essential oil and calendula comfrey infused oils to make my salves.

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Yes, I'd have to agree, salves usually "seem to mean" healing.

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thank you terri and cajungardener, thats exactly the information i was looking for. i want to do a healing product with infused oil (calendula, comfrey and other herbs) but not sure whether to do it as a salve or lotion bar, now i know :)

another question for cajungardener, when you infuse your herbs in oil for salve, do you do them individually or just mixed individually infused oil? i am thinking of infusing the herbs together to make this salve unless there is disadvantage to it. if i do it separately, i will probably end up with a significant amount of oil ... i am planning on using olive oil (promace grade) to infuse herbs with for its long shelf life, are there better options?


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