Forgot some of the fat

fiveredhens_2006April 8, 2006

In making a batch of lye soap, I forgot to add some of the fat (try making soap with an active 2-yo running around, next time I will wait unitl his nap!). I used 2 oz almond oil, 8 oz coconut oil, 11 oz shortening, but forgot to add 5 oz avocado oil and 6 oz of olive oil. In this we used 4.75 oz of lye. I think I know the answer to this already, but I should throw it out, right? I assume it won't harden correctly, and there is 1.47 oz of extra lye. If I let it sit long enough, will the lye process out? I processed it in the blender and it traced really quickly and harden pretty quickly in the molds. I only realized my mistake when it didn't fill all of the molds that it usually fills. As an aside, I am cursed with this recipe. Last time I added all of the right fats, but put in clove essential oil instead of lavendar. Anyway, thanks for your advice.


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