Wouldn't you just know it

JoC__SCApril 2, 2003

I finally got all my supplies in to really get started with my soaps etc. for a craft fair in May. Well, I jumped off the alter (actually fell down the steps) at church Saturday and broke my knee. Have to have surgery tomorrow morning and can't put any weight on that leg for 3 months. Boy, do I need some good ideas on soaping from a wheel chair, LOL!


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OMG, Jo!! That is awful. I have problems with both my knees & can literally feel your pain!! A broken knee, you hardly ever hear of that. Is your home 2 storey? Will you be able to access your kitchen in a wheelchair? You will have to be creative now! Don't forget, you will most likely be on pain meds. & may just want to rest a lot. Good luck, Sandra
How determined are you about this show in May?

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OUCH! Nothing more frustrating than being wheelchair bound, and if it'll make you feel any better, I was extremely glad it wasn't my arms! I was able to eat and go to the bathroom myself and get dressed, etc. Thanks to my friend who cheered me up by telling me about her brother breaking both arms. I felt *totally* lucky after that!

All I can offer is that you get a big table and lay everything out in front of you seeing as you can't jump up and grab something in a hurry.

Ow ow ow! Oh yeah, GET A SHOWER CHAIR. I thought I'd be fine to take a shower sitting at the bottom of the tub but you will know pain as you twist around trying to get up. And mine was only the ankle! I can't imagine it being a knee. Ow.

Take care, let us know how you're doing.

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Oh no!! I think that the thought of not soaping for a while would hurt just as bad as the physical pain.
Hope that you are back on your feet again soon. :) Becky

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Hey guys,
Can you believe I have had the surgery and got to come home
TODAY! GOD IS GOOD! My knee was in a worse mess than they thought, shattered the tibia plateau another bone and the cartlidge (pardon the spelling). Now, after 2(one LONG) incisions and lots of metal, they put humpty dumpty back together again,LOL!
Surgery Thursday morning, hopping on walker Friday morning and PT bending the knee this morning. No pain med since Fri. AM and NO PAIN (well, not enough for med anyway).
Now, if I can just make the next 3 months, absolutely no weight on it before then. Guess I'll find out how long my arms are next week. Gonna try to rest a few day, then get busy.

Sandra, yes one story, thank goodness.
Andrea, I feel very fortunate too, especially after hearing about Jessica, the POW with both legs broken and her arm. You can always look around and find someone in worse shape than yourself.

Thanks Becky, I hope to be back on both feet sooner than the Drs. think. They said I would be in the hospital 3-5 days after surgery and came home in 2 so maybe it won't be 3 months after all.

Catch yall later,

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Dang, I wasn't this chipper after coming home after surgery! I bet you were glad to get outta there.

So glad to hear you're out of surgery and that everything went well. Now comes the fun part...waiting!

You'll be running and jumping in now time! =)

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