Why does my soy candle turn color during burn?

HVC2014April 22, 2014

I am wondering if I am doing something wrong in the process of making my soy candles. I'm a newbie so I know it's going to take some time to perfect and there will be some trial and error. When I started making them, my first batch was perfect. I couldn't believe it, was so excited that it was that easy to do at home. Well, the next batch when doing a test burn on a 4 1/2 oz container candle, I noticed the candle had turned a different color during the burn. I make another batch with a different scent...same thing. One batch turned brownish tan, and the other a light green but the unburned portion below was still creamy white. It honestly looked like a color layered candle. Then I tried adding color to try and hide the discoloration. That didn't work. The coloring after the burn is a bit lighter than the actual color after it initially set and has a tan tint to it. Am I burning the candle too hot with the wrong wick, adding too much fragrance, or does this naturally occur with soy wax? The hot scent throws aren't very strong and I'm currently working on that so my first initial thought was that maybe it's the wick / wick's I'm using. My first batch didn't burn that way at all. Any suggestions on types of wicks I should be using on 4 and 4 1/2 oz container candles and 8-14 oz container candles? I know not to use lead or zinc, but I'm wondering if the size of the wick is where I'm going wrong causing the candles to burn (1) too hot (2) not hot enough. Thank you for any advice in advance!

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A little lightening of color (called "frosting") is to be expected. But significant discoloration should not happen. The wrong which is certainly a possibility. Most sites that sell them should have a guide to help you choose the right ones.

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Oops...should say "wrong wick"

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