White ring around soy candles after burning

strangedazeApril 22, 2009

I have noticed a white ring around my soy candles after I have lit them and they have cooled, the ring appears at the bottom of where the wax had melted down to. Any ideas what could be causing this?

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Hi. This is nothing to be worried about. When the candle burns the wax is kept at sustained heat longer than it was when it was poured. This makes the wax "chalky" when it cools. The color can change depending on the dye and or fragrance added to the candle, sometimes making a distinct layer, sometimes making only a subtle line where the liquid layer ended. In one respect, the ring can be helpful-- if you pour your own candles & the ring is more than 1/4" from the top of the wax, your wick is too big and you are burning your candle faster than you need to. Or, if the chalky part is bubbly, you might have too much fragrance oil in the candle-- not really a problem, either unless you're drowning your wick.

BTW leaving a soy candle in a hot place (like the car) can also eventually turn the exposed parts of the candle chalky-- on the sides, it looks like solarization (& sort of is), but on the top, the candle looks "old". Unless it IS old, the way it looks should have no affect on the way it smells when it burns.

Hope this helps.

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