What EO and/or FO hold well in CP soap?

debikmApril 5, 2003

This has always been a problem of mine. How do you get the scent to stay as strong as when you first make the soap? Maybe I'm not putting enough FO in, not holding my mouth right, whatever! But, what do you do to make you scents hold?



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How much are you using? I've heard 1t per pound of oils is good, but then again it depends on the EO. I failed miserably with citrus until the last batch where I added equal parts litsea.

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When I made my CP I was using 1-2 oz of frargrance oil/batch of CP. Depends on the quality of the oil. EO's don't require that much. (batch making about 28 4 oz bars)


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Okay, now I've ordered a bunch of EO's, so hopefully I'll start getting some holding power. I have some FO's left, maybe I should use them in smaller batches. I got a bunch of samples from TWFC a couple of years ago and only one or two have held any scent when I used them. Probably not enough for the amount of oils I was using.
We'll see what happens...

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Hello (my first post here), citrus EOs are notorious for not staying in CP soap, the addition of litsea cubeba helps, but I would recommend a 5x or 10x o any citrus. These are formulated to be much stronger ( think that Recommend 1 oz. per pound of oils (ppo). Oregon Trail has these, in Oregon). Citrus EOs hold up much better in M&P, due to no lye being present, , but I have never made these myself.
Spice EOs hold up quite well and lasts for a very long time; recommend .3 to .5 oz/per pound of soaping oils.

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