Ty-dyed soap?

sristonApril 10, 2003

Hazel sent the most beautifully colored soap in my swap package. Hazel, you said it was "ty-dyed". How do you do this coloring effect? My husband and I are just crazy about how it looks, and we have never seen that particular coloring technique.


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I'm not sure if I'm doing it "right", but what I do is melt the soap, & scent it, then pour in the mold. For the bar I sent you, I used 2 drops each of wine & tourquoise (LOTP dyes) dropped randomly on top (bottom, techinically) of the poured soap, & used a toothpick to swirl the colors, lightly.
They seem to migrate to the edges slightly, then sort of sink in a straight line toward the bottom (top) of the bar, then disperse out. As they sit the colors bleed into each other. If I feel too much color has migrated to the edge of the soap I will swirl a bit more, but I try to not "stir" too much as it seems to muddy up the color.

The first few I did I didn't like because they looked "wrong" but as they sat & the colors started bleeding it looked ok. I don't know how the ty-dyed effect will last over time, inother words, how it would look in say 3-4 months, but for at least 6 weeks the patchouli rasberry has held up looking good. I think eventualy it may "bleed" into a dark purple, but that's ok.......


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I've done them like that too Hazel - with LOTP color. Yeah - they'll look good for a few months, but eventually it'll blend into one solid color. Looks so neat while it lasts though!


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Thanks for the answers. I am going to give it a try. If mine looks half as impressive as Hazel's, I'll be thrilled! By the way, Hazel, you have me hooked (until I find another fragrance I like better) on Southern Belle. I did order it, and I made several bars just for myself! That fragrance really lingers on my skin- more so than other fragrances I have used. I know that this is because of my particular body chemistry- like perfume.

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