Pure soap unmoisturized?

jackierookeApril 19, 2010

I don't make soap, but I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a brand or person who makes pure soap that's unmoisturized? Seems like all I can buy touts moisturizing and it gives me a rash! Just want pure soap.


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Moisturizing is not really defined within a recipe. Ask the soapmaker what is meant. Although, it probably refers to the type of superfatting.

Superfatting is necessary so you are not "burnt" by excess lye in the recipe.
A recipe is always calculated to be above the zero percent superfatting to avoid being burnt; it's usually adjusted to the 5 to 8 percent superfatting in most recipes, and you want this.
The amount of lye used in a recipe is an average for each oil/fat used, that is why soapmakers err on the high side of superfatting, rather than close to the zero mark.

If this not clear, post back.

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Jackie, I should also add, the rash you are finding may well be the soap is not moisturizing enough.
Consider trying a soap recipe that does not contain coconut oil, instead look for a recipe that contains more olive oil or palm.
And, look for essential oils instead of fragrance oils.
You may also have an alergic reaction to something in the soap you have tried. Look for a soaper that will work with you in figuring this out.

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Any soapmaker could easily make you a batch of plain soap with nothing added, no colour, no scent, no extra fancy fats of any kind. Just plain, basic clean soap. You might have to purchase the entire batch, since its made to order. I wouldn't even use milk, since you could be alergic to it.

I have done this for people and they seem to really appreciate it. It is cheaper for me not to add any of the expensive items usually used in soap making.

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I use this stuff in shower and on face. The word lye scares some people. It's mild and unscented. I've always wanted to try to make soap but I just have too many other things on my list of must do's. But its made with lye, but not really lye in it.

Here is a link that might be useful: soap

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