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roxannaOctober 29, 2011

Hello ~ can anyone tell me approximately how much fleece fabric would I need to make a simple winter zip-front vest with pockets and collar (outdoor use)? I'm afraid to admit here that I do not sew myself, but I found some lovely printed fleece I would love to buy and have someone make a vest for me. I just need a rough idea of the amount. Thanks for any help!

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It would depend on the pattern, but you'd probably need about 2 yards, plus a zipper for the length (which would definitely depend on the pattern).

Sure we can't talk you into a sewing class??? :-)


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thanks, Donna -- happy to have an estimate! as for a sewing class, first i'd have to dig out (literally) my machine which is presently buried under a ton of holiday stuff. i haven't used it for about 30 years. not sure i remember how to thread the bobbin! i really doubt that i'd be able to manage even simple sewing -- never was any good at it, lol.

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Most fleece comes on bolts around 55" or so in width. I doubt if you'd need more than a yard for a simple vest with pockets and collar. A yard of fleece fabric would fit hips of up to around 50" and a length of at least 30" from shoulders to hem....It would make a pretty easy first or relearning project as fleece is very forgiving and needs few finishing techniques.


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thanks, Helene! i'd forgotten that fleece might come in 55" width. that would be helpful! i'll check that out.

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Here're a couple of vest patterns @ - scroll down to see yardage requirements:


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Unless you fine someone to make the vest for you who already has a vest pattern in your size, you're going to have to buy a pattern anyway. I suggest go look at patterns, find one you like, buy it, and see how much fabric it calls for on the pattern envelope. If that confuses you, the back of the envelope, any person working in the fabric store can help you.

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Just to add my $.02 worth. One thing I have found out in all the years that I have been sewing is that just because someone works in a fabric or notions department does NOT mean that they actually know how to sew. There exceptions of course but at least hopefully the ones who don 't sew won't fool you into thinking that they do. I know a woman who worked in that department and she made the comment "I got so tired of all those women coming in asking for a yard of this and a 1/2 yard of that and then cutting ribbon etc. " I would have been in my glory getting to touch and look at all those beautiful fabrics. To each his own I guess. Hopefully when you do need help there will be one of the ones who loves working with fabric and is more than willing to give you good advice.

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you also need to remember some prints have a *nap* or a design that only goes a certain way and all pieces must be cut like that, necessitating more fabric to match the print ... personally, i have found that fleece itself has a nap ... also, if you are considering purchasing a pattern from joanns/hancocks/etc, have a look at their sales -- most patterns run in the $12-$15 range WITHOUT sales .. the sales are between $.99 and $1.99, depending upon the pattern and the sale ... another *also,* if you are considering sewing on your older machine, it would be pretty much necessary to have it cleaned, oiled and tuned to have a good experience sewing ... sewing on a *stored* machine can be terrible, horrible, disastrous, and you just plain won't like it .... just my $.85 worth ... LOL ... darlene

ps ... the woman who said a lot of people who work at the sewing stores, like joanns and hancocks DO NOT SEW and make no bones about it ... find a friend who sews, get a hold of someone from ASG (you can find this online) and find someone to help you .... not the store workers ... seriously!!!

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