I am so excited!

phoggieJanuary 31, 2013

I know some of my good friends on this forum do not read the Building House forum, but I am so excited! My wonderful Amish crew started with "wood" on Nov. 24 and the contractor said tonight I could expect to move in 10 days to two weeks! I can officially join the Small Homes with 1638 sf. I had so many apprehensions about trying to build at 71 years old..and a woman doing this without a contract...just our trust in each other. He gave me some wonderful compliments tonight on how I handled my part of the build..no changing my mind...I knew what I wanted and he permitted me to get materials that was usually done by the contractor. It has come together as good in person as it did in my head. The cabinets went in today..appliances coming tomorrow..granite guy coming over the weekend...then clean and lay the carpet. I know you like pictures and I promise to get you some after I have it complete...and the sidewalk and driveway is done.

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We are all so happy for you !! I am so glad everything went well. I can't wait to see your photos. May you have many many happy years in your new house phoggie.
"just our trust in each other" love this line & wish so much we had much much more of these type of relationships when a handshake was your word.(I don't remember it ever being like this but I know it did exist here and in other countries-unfortunately I missed out).

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Looking forward to the pictures.

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So happy that things have gone so well and that you'll soon be in your beautiful new home!! How wonderful it is to have a relationship of trust and cooperation in such a big and important endeavor.

Hoping you have many years of peace and happiness in your new home. Post pictures when you can.

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Congratulations! I love that you have such a good working relationship with your crew. Is your head spinning with all the things you are going to do as soon as you move in? Can we have a virtual house warming?

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Oh yes, my head is spinning....what colors to use for accents....where do I hang pictures....which mirrors to use in the bathroom? ...oh so many things to think about now that it is about time to take off my building hat and begin to make it into my home!

You are such a great support for time when I needed all of you friends so badly....but we will continue to keep in touch.....we have a common bond...Smaller homes!

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Wonderful! Looking forward to seeing pics.

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Fantastic news!

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Good for you, Phoggie! I'm so glad that something is finally going smoothly for you.

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Congrats Phoggie! Enjoy the moving in, spring planting is just around the corner!

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Phoggie- I'm so happy for you! Your house is a real inspiration to those wanting to build a lovely, well designed, smaller home. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures and I know you're going to be so happy in your wonderful home by the lake :)

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Oh LL, it is so good to hear from you. I hope your DH is improving with each and every day. I think about you so often. God's blessings and many hugs~~ Mary

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How wonderful to read how it has all come together for you! Kudos to you for being decisive about what you wanted ~ I continue to wrestle with the many decisions to be considered! I am really looking forward to your picture "open house" ~ congratulations!!

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That is wonderful, Phoggie! I can't wait to see the pix!

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