new to candle making buying supplies in MA on web

susan0830April 22, 2006

Hi all,

I am new to candle making and just want some direction into any suppliers in Massachusetts or southern New Hampshire that are good to use or some web sites that are better to order from. I know they are all not created equal.

I am currently reading books on the subject and would like to know the types of wax and fragances to use as well. Again, I know they are not all created equal.

Hope someone can help.

Thanks foe all your help.


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I would order scents from web sites and skip the craft stores. Three of my favorites for pure undiluted scent are Lone Star Candle Supply, Cajun Candles, and From Nature With Love.

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Here's a link to a pretty good resource.

Here is a link that might be useful: State ~good resource

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I recently ended a lifetime lucrative and fun business doing soaps, shampoo bars, lotion bars, and herbal salves. I found Glory Bee in Oregon had the best quality, prices and quickest delivery for scents and beeswax, and Columbus Foods in Ohio for bulk oils such as palm and coconut. After surgery last year I couldn't work, lost my home, business, etc. and moved to the Boston area with practically nothing. Now I'm getting better, and ready to start something new. Feel free to ask for info on herbs, oils, procedures, etc.

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I've been making candles for the past 25 years and the one thing that I can tell you that you will hear again and again is TEST TEST TEST.. and it's truly the best advice to give.. Bitter Creek Candle Supply ( offers good things for newbies.. they sell sample packs of wicks, and wax in 10-11 lb slabs, and their shipping is pretty good.. and the prices are reasonable I've tried some of their fragrance oils and they are pretty good, if you like B&B Work type fragrances then it's TonyƂs Fragrance Oils hands down, they are a little higher on some things but they ship their oils in Boston Rounds not plastic! And you can use the empty bottles for mixing your own blends I also use them for room sprays
Hope this helps,

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