Help! I need a flower soap mold!

Hazel_SCApril 21, 2003

I know lots of you have checked out tons of sights lately, so I need y'all to rack your brains & see if anyone can help me find a flower mold.

This is what I need:

simple 5 petal basic flower mold-shape is sort of the like flowers we draw when we are doodling.

weight need to be around 2-2.5 oz, if possible

multiple cavities on a single piece of plastic (3, 4, 6 doesn't matter, just can't be a single pour mold)

from a reputable company, that doesn't kill you with prices/shipping.

I checked WSS, & they don't have anything (other than a sunflower) that's even vaguely close to what I'm looking for.

I have a potential customer who is looking for someone to make her flower shaped soaps to match (or come close to) her logo flower. I can't give her a price, till I see IF they can be found in either small, large or both sizes. And since she is looking for 150-300 soaps, it HAS to be a multiple cavity mold or I can't do it....the time it would take to do indivual pours for that many soaps & the cost of enough molds to even make it potentially doable isn't going to make it worth it.

So, if any of you have any clues where I can find a simple flower mold in small and/or large, please let me know. (I had LASIK surgery on my eyes thursday, & am still adjusting to my "new sight", and I know hours at this computer right now will strain my brain if i try to search all the sights alone.)

Any & all help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!!


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What about the valtrompia bread tubes that are flower shaped? They are about 10" high. You'd have to slice when you are done. They also sell the same mold as a candle/soap mold in my local JoAnn's. Checked every place I buy from and couldn't find anything that I thought would be suitable.

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The tube mold idea sounds like a good one! You could make a lot that way... I did a quick google and found these: (flower tube) (flower and vw bug) (more tube molds, but lots of choices) (9 cavity, but they are only 1 oz. and don't sound exactly like you need)

Good luck! (and, hope your eyes heal quickly!) Tara

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