covering foam with batting ????

cathysobeckSeptember 12, 2006

I am making new covers for existing seat cushions, but need to make 4 extra. The existing cushions are 1" foam that is covered with batting that looks like the edges of the batting have been MELTED instead of sewn. Does anyone know how do this?

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I have never seen this treatment, but am thinking it has to be a unhealthy thing to attempt , heating the batting or the foam must make a dangerous toxic reaction, not good to breath or have near folks, the simple use of batting is to fold smoothly and hand stitch to foam or staple if on a wood surface, to melt would be creating a hazzard. IMHP

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Could it be that fusible batting was used? The kind that you iron to the fabric ?

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I understand the concern of health hazzard and totally agree. The existing cushions were made by a professional upholester so I was thinking that there is some kind of tool, like a holt melt glue gun that was used that would be safe for both health reasons and safety while doing it.

Perhaps a special glue that is made for batting???

No, it is not the fusible batting.

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I have used spray adhesive to attach the batting to the foam and then kind of smooshed the edges together with my hands. I guess it gives a somewhat melted look/feel. On 1 inch foam I would just machine stitch around. Alot easier.

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I would think it is a heat process with a special tool pros of those things that comes with warnings...Do not try this at home!!!!

There is a glue to bond foam & maybe one to bond batting also. I have seen what you are talking about & I think some kind of heated press contraption. We cut centers from bread with a glass & the edges look similar on the bread & the batting. That's pressure w/o heat but the batting would need heat with pressure.

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