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teresaJanuary 26, 2001

I am in need of low carb or no carb recipes. I have always eaten them and feel lost,I have no clue as to what to eat and not to eat!

Thanks and have a great day:)

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You are looking for almost the impossible.

Avoid starch foods, anything made with flour, sugar, syrups, etc. Look for green vegetables they will have less carbs than other veggies.

Read labels.

See a Certified Dietician to determine amount of carbs allowed for you based on your needs, then choose foods accordingly.

There is no such thing as no carb bread because bread must be made with ingredients and all contain carbs.

I asked a baking technologist for a low carb bread recipe and he sent it in baker's percentages. I do not know those so asked a professional baker to translate the recipe for me into cups and spoons. He translated it all right but not in cups and spoons, was in % of carbs for each ingredient. Wow, what an eye opener % was in the 98% and near for ingredients in bread. The commercial bakery's add cellulose fiber/oat fiber, small amount and slice bread thinner. In essence according to the baker, just eat a small portion of a regular slice of bread. He said "bread" is not a low carb food.

Lean meat in moderation and green vegetables is as low as you will be able to get and still have food to eat. All foods must be consumed in moderation. Green veggies are 5 carbs per serving.

1/2 cup cooked veggies is a serving = 15 grams carb
1 cup raw veggies is a serving = 15 grams carb
3 oz. meat is a serving = 0 carbs unless other things added
1 cup milk is a serving = 12 grams carb
1 oz. bread is a serving = about 25 grams carb (+ or -)

Milk is not low carb even if it is low fat. All milk has 12 carbs per cup whether it is dry powdered reconstitued, 1%, skim, buttermilk, whole etc. Sugar cannot be removed from milk. For Lactose free milk it still has the sugar but an enzyme has been added in order for the body to tolerate and digest the sugar.

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You did not specify as to why no carbs. To lose weight, or cholesterol, etc. There are several good books out there on eaing this way, but you also have to keep the health up. The only way to get away from carbs is drink watr and eat meat, which is not all that healthy. As a well controlled diabetic, m motto is: if it is white don't eat it, exce;t cauliflower. Most vegetables and fruit are labeled by "glycemic indx", which is the amunt of sugar in a food. Yes celery and cucumber have sugar. All food does except meat. You eat the food with the low glycemic index or rates, and you can STUFF yourself. You have to eat right to take care of the body organs, eyes, heart, etc. Six months down the road you don't want your hair fallng out from lack of vitamns.. Also the brain uses only carbs to function, not fats or proteins. So starve the brain and you could go into a coma, that is what happens to a diabetic when they do not get enough sugar to the brai. ALL starch turns to sugar n the body, it is in the timing that is important. Candy goes right to the blood, giving a fast fix, where beans take hours to break down to sugar. Learning to balance is a lesson that will help you through all of you life. Also just eating meat will damage your kidneys. I am a Food Adviso for Wa. State Univ. (sort of retired now), but have diabetes (well controlled with diet only) and celiac diseas, which is allergy to gluten in grains. A helpful word, it sure helps with a ot of problems, do not eat potatoes, they are very high in starch which turns to sugar. Eat rice, basamati rice , brown rice and wild rice. are good. Bread is okay if you lok for a good type that is super heavy in weight, and a lot of mixed grains, like 8 grain, it will burn slower in the body. Hope this helps .

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As per the previous posts, no such thing as no carb, just lo carb. Lots of good books with recipes. Atkins has a cookbook as does Suzanne Somers and Heller of the Carbo Addicts Diet. Just be cautioned not to overdose on the fats. Its more a matter of learning to stay away from sugars and starches than anything else. I've been doing this off and on for a little while. If you've got to have carbs, try Suzanne Somers or the Carbo Addicts diet. They are less stringent than Atkins. Plus I tried one of those Atkins nutritional bars when I had a sweet craving....YUKKK! I would really have been better off budgeting for the carbs and eating fruit.

Anyway, good luck!

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Carolyn peebles

looking for recipes withe no carb

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Healthy Eatin' Recipes

They're great for answering questions too.

Check the Recipe Archives for tons of recipes!

Here is a link that might be useful: Barbo's Diet Kitchen

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I wonder if you are aware of the fact that the only thing we eat that is 'no carb' is meat. Everything else has carbs. I think that sometimes people are referring to limiting the starch or the sugar. Am I wrong? I, too, watch my food intake but go with a balanced diet rather than totally eliminating any one item. But then I don't have a health problem.

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Atkinsmag.com has lots of recipies for low carb and so does his books and cook books. Go to low-carb.com, lowcarb.com (no - between low and carb), ketogenics.com These are all great web sites that you can buy food from including YES bread mixes. Almost everyone is against "low carb" diets, I have been eating this way for almost two years now and I love it. Yes I slip up and have suger once in a while, but who cares. One of the major thoughts behind Atkin's diet is that our nutrition went down hill when we started processing food and selling in food stores. Eat your veggies, eat your protien, soy, and whey almost everything that comes from NATURE. Not all protien bars are bad, everyone's taste varries. Try atkins, carbolite,carbsolutions,lo-carb,there's tons out there. Have fun with, I am.

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Well, as I see it you can have meats and fats. I guess that means lots of fried meat. Virtually anything recommeneded that you include as part of a healthy balanced diet has them. If you take a look at the food pyramid that is where most of your calories in a day are supposed to come from and it seems you are trying to turn the pyramid upside down.

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here's the most recent site i've found...still "low" carb, not "no" carb, but it gives you a feel for what you're trying to do .

Here is a link that might be useful: Dyan's recipe page

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Here is a site dedicated to LOW CARB recipes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Low Carb Recipe Archives

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If you want low-carb recipes try doing a web search for the 'Paleolithic diet' on yahoo. I am a graduate student working with lipidology and human metabolism. I wanted to point out a few things:
-it is true that almost all foods contain some amount of carbohydrate, but grain-based foods are not digestable by the human gut. That's why we have all of that lovely bacteria living inside us, they break down the complex plant matter into easily absorbed material.
-the brain does not use just carbohydrates/sugar for energy. Most human tissues, especially the brain, can easily transfer to ketone bodies as a source of energy. These ketones are made from the body's metabolic breakdown of fats (a process called ketogenesis) and are produced in response to low carb availability.
-the FDA Food Pyramid is not what you may think. The recommended daily allowances SUGGESTED by the FDA are not backed up by controlled experimental studies. Even the recommended amounts of vit. and minerals are a matter of guess work. Just like the Atkins diet, veganism, and several others, the studies the FDA based its recommendations on were small (number of participants and number/length of the studies), the test diets were bordering on inappropriate, and the results were summarized by people trying to prove their own ideas. Unfortunately, most scientific work has those same problems. Ask your doctor if she/he knows where you can find the FDA tests that the pyramid are based - they won't know, but they still recommend following it.
Anyway, I'll get off my soap-box. If anyone is interested in a friendly discussion about diets, I would love to start one.

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What you mean is a lo/no WHITE carb diet. Broccoli and tomatoes are 'carbs'. Should be easy enough......No pasta, potatoes, bread, crackers, white rice. Go for whole grains = brown rice , whole barley, whole oats, whole wheat, called wheatberries, and all other veggies.(high fiber) Meats/fats sparingly! Works!

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I am following low carb, up to 25 carbs a day, and I have never felt healthier. My arthritis and tummy problems have virtually disappeared. My nails look healthy, my cholesterol went from 250 to 170. I could go on but won't bore you. I have tried many of the low carb breads, donuts and muffins and they are passable and help with variety.

I do have two recipes for you. The first is a nice dip for veggies, low carb crackers, cheese crackers (this recipe will follow) and is also interesting placed over chicken and baked.

Cream Cheese
Salsa or Picante sauce

Microwave cream cheese just until soft enough to stir. Add salsa and mix well. Refrigerate.

This is a big hit at office parties with veggies and chips. I will make up 2 bowls, 1 with low fat cheese, 1 with regular.

Cheese Crachers

cheese; cheddar and American work well, you will need to try what you have because different cheese react differently.

Slice the cheese. Spray a microwaveable plate with Pam and lay the cheese on it in a single row. Microwave for a long time. I am sorry I can't be more specific, it just depends on what kind of cheese you use and your own microwave. Cook until they are real bubbly, then cook some more. Just don't let them burn, but that would take a long, long time. As they cool, they will harden if cooked long enough. Then break into chunks. This is something I have just experimented with. Maybe someone else has more specific directions. I just know they are very good and can be used in a variety of ways.

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Potatoes are a less carbs than bread and make a good substitute, with more vitamins and minerals too. Try a boiled new potatoes salad, serve cold with hard boiled eggs and cherry tomatoes and season with a little olive oil and vinegar and salt. Eat in moderation with your salad or main course.

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For the Cheese Crackers.

Use shredded cheese and a fry pan over med heat. You put the cheese in and cover the bottom of the fry pan, cook until they just start to turn golden in color, flip and cook for just a minute then remove and mold or just lay flat until cooled. Break them or cut them up. Make them as big or as small as you want. Bigger ones you can mold around a ceramic cereal bowl right from the pan while still softish and make a Cheese Bowl for salads. Or experiment with different things.

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I also am struggling with finding foods that are low/no carbs. Have been advised by my cardiologist that I should not have carbs but am finding it hard to do. I purchased from Life Form.com their program and after each of my meals put the meal in the program and it figures for me the amount of carbs/sugars that I have eaten. Then I know what to look out for and what to eat for my next meal. Today, it shows that I have had too many and for dinner tonight must go heavy on protein. It is a good program to have in your computer to help monitor health and foods we eat.

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I'm looking for a list or a chart of "NO CARB" foods.. Does anyone have such a list or know where I can find one?

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type in no carb food list in your search window. You will get quite a few links to look at. Everyone is different as to what one they would follow. I found the www.lowcarb.com had a list, plus there are a lot more.

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the dyans link is not working ..am I doing something wrong???
debi h

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