beeswax products?

skippyjongreenMarch 11, 2011

Does anyone know recipes for making skin/lip products with beeswax? I have some great organic stuff that smells so delicious!

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I've seen the 1:3 lotion bar recipe..
-1/3 soft oils
-1/3 hard oils
-1/3 beeswax

personally I found this recipe to be too soft so I adjusted the beeswax..

same thing for a lip balm can use different oils..

body balm..

I've recently fallen in love with beeswax :)

have fun!!

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I use the same proportions. You can use it scented or unscented. If you make lip balm, make sure all of your oils are lip safe. BTW, if you scent it with some citronella and cedar oils, it makes a nice, natural bug repellent.

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