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sristonMarch 15, 2003

I am working on making some labels. I have Paint Shop Pro 7. I have the background picture I want, but I would like to tone it down. The colors in it are not bright colors,(it is mostly a "green" scene) but they overpower the text. Even using white text, the text seems to be "lost" in the picture. Is there any way I can soften the colors of this picture without losing the quality of the photo? I tried the "soften" option( I think that was what it was called), but it seemed to blur the picture and I don't want a blurry picture. I appreciate any suggestions.


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There's a couple of options. I don't have paint shop pro, but have used other software. Some have a "watermark" option that allows you to convert and image to a watermark and it automatically mutes the colors for you. You could also try adjusting the contrast on the image to "lighten" it up, thereby muting the colors some. How detailed is the picture? You can always resort to recoloring it yourself.

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Thanks, stace. I couldn't figure out the watermark thing (PSP does have that option) but I was able to adjust the contrast and get the lightness I wanted but still the quality of the picture. Thanks a bunch for your help- I would have never thought of either of those things!

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