LOOKING for: The point-counting diet

chery2January 16, 2004

I don't want to go to meetings or join the club. I just want a list of foods with points, along with some recipes if possible. Have searched the web and keep getting back to a Weight Watcher's site or some dumb message board. Thanks, chery-va

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I will be starting Sunday on the south Beach diet. Both of my sisters and there husbands are on it and doninh good on it. Have you heard of that diet. There is a book you can get and there are a few recipes in it to.

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chery, You might want to look through Dotties Weight Loss Zone. She has a little bit of everything there.

Here is a link that might be useful: dwlz

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Chery2, have you visited the Diet Club on these forums? There is lots of point info there.

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The reason you are not finding much is that WW really goes after people who post their info especially if they make money off it. I knew a lady who made points bracelets and sold them on E-Bay and they made her stop. If you know someone who goes to the meetings they can buy the info for you. If you check the diet forum MaryAnne posted a points calculator. Usually a point is about 50 calories but that can change as in the case of high fiber items which makes the points lower. Good luck! Kathy_PA

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