Soap carving

jewels_ksMarch 12, 2004

My ds needs to carve a bar of soap for BoyScouts. He is 9 years old and needs some ideas on what to make with the bar of soap.

I would appreciate any ideas.


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I can remember doing soap carving in Girl Scouts (although that has been a very long time ago). I really can't remember what I carved, seems to me like it was my inital or something. Or it might have been a sun burst or a moon or a star...LOL. Anyway, maybe that will give you some ideas.

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A house or some type of structure would be fairly good for a 9 year old.... just detail out the doors / windows; use a popsicle stick to add roof tile details.

My daughter did the Arc de Triumphe for French class without too much trouble ... she printed a picture of it from the internet and used it as an overlay to mark what needed to be detailed. May need your help with this one.

Hope this helps! Just wait for the middle school science projects! :)


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New soap carving web site being launched!

Here is a link that might be useful: soap nubs

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