Question on making goat's milk soaps

iloveroostersMarch 31, 2004

If you want to make this type of soap, do you use lye? I am interested in trying to make this kind of soap. Is the goats milk just another ingredient besides lye and some scented oil? I would appreciate any help/direction on this. I should buy myself a book on this also!

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depends on if you are doing melt & pour glycerin soap or if you are making cold proccess soap.

If it's melt & pour, (M&P) it's easier to buy it already made into goatsmilk base....or you can ge plain & add your own goatsmilk powder to it. Then either fragrance/essential oil.
This you can use immediately.

If it's cold process you want to do, look on the web for would involve palm, coconut, olive or vegetable oils (or a combination), lye, goatsmilk or goatsmilk poweder & fragrance/essential oil. THis has to age 4-6 weeks before using it.
If you want to do cold process (CP) soap, it might be easier to start with a plain recpe first, then move to the more complicated ones.

Good luck....both are fun to do. I'm just to impatient for the CP, so I went to the M&P. Plus the colors are brighter, & the scents can be made stronger in M&'s much more forgiving than CP.


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thanks Hazel. What do I need for supplies, to do the melting and pouring and are there molds I need, etc...

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Hi Hazel - Sounds like, you are a pro! I really need some help. I only make glycerin (m & p ) soap. I need a recipe for milk & honey soap. My grownup daughter loves it. I also need a recipe for glycerin & palm oil together in the recipe. I use sev. of the good oils in my soap already, such as jojoba,shea,coconut oil,olive oil just to mention a few. I have had, really goodluck so far & am going to try , try, try- to create my own recipes-god willing with a little luck. So please can you help me?
Anything you can tell me would be so helpful.
Thank you, so much. - Tina_2

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