Looking for Tan - But NOT Yellow-Paint

runninginplaceJuly 11, 2009

That's the color I'm looking for, to paint my son's room. I ordered a simple wood headboard (from Target, thanks to forum advice). I'll have to get some pictures but basically the room has oak floors, dark-ish furniture; not a set but it all is pretty much on the darker wood side. I want to paint the currently white walls tan to complement white trim, and hopefully find a simple tan or striped light bed covering and some simple curtains to match.

Anyway, I really do not want the color to shade to yellow. It's a southern facing room but only has one window, so not a tremendous amount of light coming in. What I'm really after is a tan that has enough tint to make the white trim really show up nicely.

I tried a sample pot of Philadelphia Cream-yikes, way too yellow. Any suggestions?


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We have SW Bagel in our LR, and it's tan to me. Maybe a bit of a dark tan, pending on the light. It has no yellow to it, or any other undertones. Here's an old picture during construction but it gives you an idea of the light variations. The two windows in the front face north, the one on the side faces east.

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We have Behr Haze in our living room and it's a really nice, light tan. Reminds me of cafe au lait.

Best pic I have:
From Wedding

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BM Huntington Beige springs to mind.

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Check out BM Stone House...

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Look at the paint colors that metromom and I used in our foyers. I consider that color "tan", but you may think of it more as beige. I picked mine b/c it did have a noticeable undertone and provides a nice contrast with both white trim and dark (brown/black) furniture.


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My DH just finished painting our dining room today in Valspar's Churchill Maple, part of their historic color collection. It may be a little darker than what you are looking for, but it isn't dark. We have a dark dining set in there and I think it looks good with it. No yellow tones! I've had enough of yellow . . .lived with GOLD in the LR/DR for almost 4 years . . .and that's enough.

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For my foyer I had Ace paint mixed up to match the swatch of Vista Mushroom Cream. The Mushroom Cream looks very much like BM Dunmore Cream. Here's a pic.

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Check out Sherwin Williams Trusty Tan.

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Wow, thanks everyone! This is so helpful; it gives me a starting place. My problem is, I generally stay away from tan/beige/cream colors. I found a variation of Silver Sage that I"ve pretty much painted on every wall that will stand still in the house :). My son doesn't want it in his room though. He's really a guy's guy kinda guy in the making if you know what I mean. So I want simple, neutral, and easy to keep looking clean. Tan seems to fit the bill. I'll be checking out some paint samples tomorrow to see if I find something that will work.


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Ann, I used BM Bone White in my family room, kitchen, hallway upstairs, laundry room and storage room. It reads like a very light tan that is very neutral and looks great with white trim.

Please let us know what you decide and if possible post pics.

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Sherwin Williams SW 6108 Latte is very nice. We are having it painted in all of the bedrooms in our new home. The ceilings are Sherwin Williams 6105 Divine White. You can see from the photo that the white trim shows up very nicely.

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We're going to be painting our new basement the BM desert tan.

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We used Behr Haze in our family room with the Ultra Pure White for trim. It is a true beige than lots of the others that I had looked at that had a yellow or pinkish tint to them. It looks great with our creamy silver gray sofa and our tile that has gray, tan and coral in it.

I think navy or forest green would look great with it.

You might check out Canvas tan or Almond Wisp. Both of these are in the line of Primer and Paint by Behr. Canvas tan is "less color" than the Haze ( which is not the Paint and Primer type). Almond Wisp may have a hint of pink compared to the Haze and Canvas.

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Wool blanket....my husband loves the color. I am not sure whose paint it is, we had a sample and had it color matched at SW.

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SW Basket Beige for me...

Sorry for the big and duplicate pic (to another thread-it was easy to just 'paste' instead of going to find a different pic)...

This tan goes more to green. Our carpet is called cigar leaf so that may give you an idea of the color. I think in the pic it does look a bit to the yellow side but not at all in real life. It is a bit dark. If I did it again I might go to Latte. We wanted to make sure the contrast of the white trim stood out.

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louisianalover, what color is your trim. Those are the colors I am considering. Wasnt sure of a trim color. Was thinking maybe dover white.

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There's always Tobacco Road......This is a mix by Sherwin Williams, used with ultra white trim. This color looks great with white trim and dark stained wood.

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This thread is kind of old and you might have already painted but as I was reading it I thought of the color anele did her dining room. It's a very pretty tan with no yellow/gold. She described it as chocolate shake color. Looks like it could be a good guy room color :-) Here's the link to her dining room thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: anele's dining room tan

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