Where Should I Lurk...Here or...?

AnnaAMay 2, 2013

Our next project is a growing exploration of building an addition onto our house - an Owner's Suite (as I'm hearing in today's lingo), w an adjoining laundry room. Should I be visiting the bathrooms forum, the new build forum, or both? What is your sense of what gets lots of traffic?

My regret with our kitchen remodel is that I didn't find this forum till most decisions were made. This time, I want to read all I can even while the ideas are still taking shape.

I continue to lurk here because (confession time) I haven't finished my kitchen - officially 1 year ago this month. I've got major paint color decisions to make and some lighting that needs help. Just can't commit to that yet as I will be the one painting. Hoping this summer to tackle it with some input from you all.


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Lurk in all the above--building, remodeling, bathroom and kitchens forum. If you start on the build forum, the remodeling forum is linked from that page at the top, then the kitchen forum is linked from remodeling, then bath is linked from kitchen (and plumbing forum from bath, and hvac from plumbing... )

I lurk a lot! ha!

Also, maybe a touch of smaller homes forum depending on the size of your house.

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