Water resistant glue for paper?

linnea56July 29, 2014

I know there are plenty of craft glues for paper, but I need something water or humidity resistant. I am gluing small tabs onto textured heavy card stock, that will hold hoop earrings. I sell my jewelry work at art fairs, outside. Under high humidity conditions, or getting rained on, the tabs fail and fall off as the glue re-hydates, and the weight of the earring pulls it off.

I have tried a couple of solvent based glues, but they are not viscous enough for the heavy paper, and also soak right in and fail to stick.

It should dry clear or milky, the brown foamy polyurethane solvent based glues ooze out and look terrible.

If water based, it does not have to be water PROOF, just not give up the ghost at the first sign of rain. What I need is high viscosity, not a spray, water resistant when dry.

I know these are a lot of requirements! I have tried looking at "This to That," but there is no information there for my conditions. I posted in Crafts and Hobbies, but that forum does not seem to be very active, and I know those who decorate are a very knowledgeable bunch! Thank you for your help.

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Have you tried Perfect Paper Adhesive?

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No. Have not tried that one or heard of it. Is it available at craft stores?

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I would suggest you use a little dab of silicone, no problems with moisture at all.I've used it for outdoor things and it really holds up.

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I was considering silicone. I have a couple of things out on the table, ready to test them. Was not sure if it would work on paper, though. Obviously if something I have already in the house works, I will get these done that much faster. That Perfect Paper sounds good, though.

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Yes, usually it's available at craft stores. I've also found it on Amazon.

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