mug racks?

ellen624January 10, 2007

I'm new to this site and have enjoyed reading your posts. I have a small kitchen that one whole shelf is full of mugs. I was thinking if I could hang them on a rack, I'd have a lot more storage. Does anyone have any ideas for attractive mug storage??? Thanks so much!

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My response is, do you really need so many mugs? How many mugs are you actually using out of the entire shelf? Are they nice mugs, or mismatched, got it from a work freebie type of mugs. How much tea and coffee is actually being drunk in your house that you need 20 mugs or however many you have? I am assuming they are stackable and you have two per stack.

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Perhaps a collection she loves?

I collected antique glass mugs at one time when traveling to old ghost towns, along with glass citrus juicers. Back then there were two huge windows in the kitchen and I hung them across the top with cup holders...the sun reflected on the different colors the glass had taken on over the years.

Ellen, what style is your kitchen? Do you have a wall to hang a shelf on, then add cup hooks? I love old wood signs, if there were a bunch of mugs here they would be hanging from a couple of old signs.

Below is a link of dozens of photos....lots of ideas which could work for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: mug racks

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My kitchen style is on the traditional side--white cupboards, gold walls. We are a family of 5 (3 children). Seems we're drinking alot of hot chocolate, tea, coffee--winter in Upstate, NY, and do use a lot of mugs. The mugs are varied, some are nice, a few from vacation spots, a few were gifts, etc. I notice that they have organizers that hang from inside the cabinet but are afraid they'd hang too low in my small cupboards to make use of the bottom area. The only wall area that I have to hang a shelf on would be above my stove. Not sure if I want the kids reaching over the burners--but maybe I could move some other things around. Thanks for your suggestions Emagineer.

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Would you be able to hang some of the mugs on 'cup hooks' inserted into the bottom of the shelf above? I've done that before - makes it much easier to remove a mug rather than knocking them all over when they are stacked. Not as pretty as a mug rack, tho'!

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That might work, Serendipity...since I've brought up the subject of mug racks, I'm hearing that they're "so 1970's" people use them anymore? I know my mom does (come to think of it, probably since the 70's)... :0)

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Sorry ellen624, emangineer was right. I took the wrong tone. Hope I wasn't sharp there. 5 folks in upstate New York would be using tons of mugs! I do like some of the hanging undercounter styles which were posted in one of the posts.

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And some of the things that were so '70's to me are things my adult kids did that happen?? Anyway, if the you like the mug rack and it solves your dilemna, I say go for it. The link in emagineer's post has a ton of choices.

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No need to apologize, Rachel. I agree I could get rid of a few not-my-favorite mugs--decluttering is something I battle with. But yes, it's gotten quite cold in NY and needing more than a few with my brood makes organizing them a necessity. Thanks for making me feel better about my choices, Margaret.

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Ellen - Look at this. I was looking at the container store website and saw this. It reminded me of your mug rack question. It is under sliding cup rack

Here is a link that might be useful: sliding cup rack

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Thanks, Rachel. I love that slider! That might work really well in my space, and I LOVE the price! Thanks for remembering me.


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Fori is not pleased

Oh I like that. I didn't even realize I had a mug problem, but I do! Fortunately (?) we've broken most of our glasses so there's room to spill over into their space. I really need to grow up and organize. :O

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