jojoba spheres again

tanner2135March 25, 2003

cool, wss is selling the jojoba spheres...did anyone try to suspend this in m&p? i'm tempted but wanted to see if anyone's tried it. hazel? did this ever get delivered? i remember you encountering bad customer service.

hope everyone's doing's kinda quiet around here! =)


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I got mine, & only tried them once in regular M+P base. I melt my base in a glass measuring cup. Added the spheres, & stired, & they suspeneded GREAT--in the cup.
Upon pouring, they all ended up on the top (bottom) of the bar of soap.
I don't know if I would have cooled the base anymore if they would have stayed suspended or not, but I also haven't had time to play with them either......

Let me know if anyone has any better luck with them....


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I put them in lotion. Used green course grain in my refreshing mint scented blend. Looked cool, however I didn't really care for them. Didn't pop the way I expected. Leave you wanting to wipe your hands on a towel when finished. Using them soley for foot lotions now.


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yes, they are hard little things, definitly don't pop.


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I like to use them in scrubs. They really add a nice touch.

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I put them in suspending body wash last night. Look cool, haven't tried it yet.


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