Beginner machine recommendation

ccheleSeptember 10, 2007


I am a beginner and interested in buying a combo sewing/embroidery machine. I'm looking for something basic that is easy to use. I would like to do monogramming and applique embroidery. I want to be able to use online embroidery downloads. My budget is about $500 but I would like to spend less if possible. Thank you so much for your help.

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Try to buy a name brand. Also buy the middle to top range machine. Several years ago I took my machine to have it cleaned and the guy told me to hang on to my machine because it had very little plastic in it. Most makers all use plastic parts now adays. I have a couple friends that have bought lower priced machines and they have all kinds of trouble with them.. Just beware...

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Do you hate cutting a pattern with multiple sizes in it? I sure do. I have 3 grandaughters that I sew for. I have come up with a solution. I cut the pattern pieces apart that I need. I take the pieces to a copy machine. If it is a longer top or dress. I mark down the sides every few inches with a marker so I can match up when cutting. If there is 3 sizes in the pattern I make 3 copies. I then cut out and mark each size on the pattern. When cutting out I match up the marks to get the length I want. I fold in the side of the bottom to the correct size.. I then place the entire pattern in a ziplock bag.. Works great..

This summer I made sundresses for my grandaughters. It had a simple short botice with ties on the shoulders. I copied all the sizes, made the dress and stored it away. I also keep a sheet of paper in each package and write down what size I made for each girl and when. It makes things so much easier..

I am getting ready to make flannel pj's for each of them and have my patterns all ready to go.. Just have fun...

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Thank you so much for your help. It is most appreciated!

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Stick to Vicking White Brothers Nicchi Phaff
If you dont want a lot of headaches

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