Ya'll come in here - I need help!

desertstephJanuary 16, 2014

of course, that isn't news to most who know me...

nothing super serious really...

do any of you have a faucet in brushed nickel? if so, how long and is it holding its finish? I've been looking for one for my bathroom and the SS are more expensive - but I think would be a safer finish. wanting SS also seems to be limiting my options in style. I'm going for very, very plain, single handle one. From the L and HD websites it looks like I could save 30- 50.00 if I go with BN.

AND what's a good type cookie sheet? and bread pan finish?

I've looked at 'em at a local grocery and there's a small ck sheet for 6.00. Price is about the same at W. I don't need a large one any more. I just wonder how long the finish will be decent - it's one that's darker.

I guess I could buy some of those silicone baking sheets to put on it anyway.

same with bread pan - does the color or coating matter when baking bread? I'm hoping to make up some here if I can find a good healthy recipe. I want to make my own with Salba seed powder in it.

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Sorry Steph I can not really help you on any question. I have just plain faucets shiny Moen on bathrooms and I forget what I bought for the kitchen. Tall spout. I really like it got it at HD.

As far as baking pans Well I have thrift store yard sale brand. LOL I do not think I have bought a new one. I find good looking ones then buy them and toss the worst of my lot here. Same with bread pans. I do like those sheets you put in the bottom of the oven to catch spills. Never tried one on a cookie sheet.

Good to see you post. Hope you are enjoying your new to you house.

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Imhappy&Iknowit IOWA zone 6b

My cookie sheets came from the supply place where the school kitchen got their stuff. That was back in the mid 80's. Still using them. Still would not trade them for anything. I did buy a smaller Pampered Chef and I like it except it's so heavy. I have Pyrex glass bread pans.

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"I do like those sheets you put in the bottom of the oven to catch spills. Never tried one on a cookie sheet. "

I saw those demo'd on QVC this past wk. Will check BB & B for them. Don't know where my old pans are - probably threw them out in a past move. I'm tired of putting off getting them 'cause I might unpk some any day now. Probably not anymore cause most things are unpk'd. I did unpacked 3 or so colanders tho... I'd since (they were pk'd away) bought 2 more. I gave 2 to Jed. I don't need 5. I don't think I even need 3. But 2 is handy.

I have to be careful of how heavy things are - with food in 'em they are even heavier and that's dangerous for me!

If I can find that silicone for on them I 'spect the coating of the pan won't even matter.

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I don't know that I can help you either. I have a kind of faucet in brushed nickel, but it's the faucet for my water filter. I've only had it a year and it's doing just fine. All my other faucets are stainless or chrome. I think if they are cheap plated, you are going to have a problem. At least, with my light fixtures in the bathroom that are nickel plated, they are beginning to have rust spots. But they are cheap ones from big box, so it's probably a thin plating at that.

My favorite cookie sheets are the insulated aluminum ones. I wish they weren't aluminum though, but they never burn cookies.

I use a glass pyrex when I make bread, which is seldom.

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We got our last faucet (about a year and a half ago) from Lowe's. It was on sale and we got it because it had the goose neck design, which made it easier to wash pans in my very shallow manufactured home sink! LOL It's silver and I think it's nickel.

As for the baking pans, I have some of those darker ones...and I'm not that impressed. Yes, they don't stick, but I don't like putting them in the dishwasher, either. I would love to find some super-durable ones that can take a green scratcher...or maybe an SOS pad! I'm so tired of not being able to really clean anything these days. Non-stick everything, so I'm thinking about looking for some heavier pans that will take some use/abuse :)

Oh, and I have used them for bread, but end up putting little scratches on the pan, when I use a butter knife around the edge. Again...need tougher pans!

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Steph, I won't get any nonstick anything so I am useless. DH found a source for good, heavy sheet pans online. We get the jelly roll ones because he wants an edge on them. LL, if you are interested, I will find out his source. You can get baked on grease, baked on Pam spray and then soak the heck out of them and scrub them with Barkeeper's friend if you want.

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I'd like to know Nancy. I don't buy nonstick either and would love to have a jelly roll. Sometimes you just need an edge and those insulated sheets don't have an edge on 3 sides.

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thx everyone! i broke down and bought a cookie sheet today at the store. It is dark and has a bit of a lip on it. was all of 6.00. 9x13 so I think it'll fit in the drawer I have for it to live.

I was tired of waiting and debating about it and figured if it goes haywire on me i can buy a new one sooner than later. Later being another 30 yrs... lol! It probably won't see much cookie duty - more likely garlic toast, apple turnovers or a pot pie.

I still have the bread pan to think about - but I don't even have a recipe yet. That'll probably take me forever to figure out.

And I plan to stop into BB and B and see if they have that silicone stuff to use.

I'm still thinking on the faucet - it'll be a few months before I have the extra $ to buy it anyway. I have hard water so I think that might make a difference in cleaning it. I'm definitely getting SS for the kitchen.

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I can help with the bread pan. Americas Test Kitchen recommends the gold ones from Williams Sonoma. They said color is important and different colors or shade will effect the browning. I love to bake, and I have also gotten into using parchment paper if I'm doing special cookies or pastries. I have some cheap Wilton half size cookie sheets from Walmart. They look like they've been put through the ringer because of all of the bacon I've cooked. Now I use heavy duty foil for baking bacon, and its awesome.

I did gave a brushed nickel kitchen faucet at my last house. It didn't have a pull down sprayer so I barely touched it, but the finish still managed to get scuffed. I think it was a cheaper Price Pfister though.

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thx IC! I thought there was something about the 'color' of the pan!

That's why I put off the bread pan. the cookie sheet was small and only 6$. I do plan to buy a bigger jelly roll pan for a sheet cake I want to make.

do you cut the parchment paper to just fit the bottom? or the sides too? (for bread)

I guess I should buy some parchment paper - I always think 'paper' shouldn't be in the oven when it's turned on!

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You're welcome! I don't use parchment in loaf pans because the dough needs to touch the sides of the pan. Im sure there is a whole science thing behind it from America's Test Kitchen or something. I do use parchment for cookies and cake pans. I have also found it helps to bake biscuits more evenly. For cookies and biscuits I just tear a big ole piece off the roll and let the paper fall off the sides. Cake pans though I trim to fit.

The first time I used parchment was at 425 degrees, and I did stand there and watch it the whole time. It can get pretty brown and crispy, but you just have to remind yourself its made for the oven. My sis did mistake freezer paper for parchment. Eh.

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I have a brushed nickel faucet in one of our bathrooms, and it has been there for almost 8 years. No problems with the finish or anything, and I do not baby it. In fact, much to my chagrin, it often has little globs of toothpaste on it, courtesy of DH, that I "pick" off.

As to the cookie sheets, I have been told by the best bakers I know that the "silver" pans are the best for baking cookies. You can scrub those babies, too. I have had the dark sheets, and the "non-stick" eventually starts wearing off. I use those for baking chicken breasts or as IowaCommute does, I also use them for bacon and line them with Reynold's Heavy Duty. Beats frying bacon, and I just fold all the grease in the foil for little clean-up mess.

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I make all of our bread. I haven't bought a loaf in over 4 years. I figured if even a cockroach won't eat the bread
thrown out for the birds, then maybe we shouldn't be eating it either.

I use the lodge cast iron bread pans. They are the best I have ever used. In fact I bake all my muffins and cornbread in cast iron as well.

I've used stoneware, pyrex, aluminum, and gold tone. Didn't care for any of them. They just don't bake as evenly or as nicely. The bread just falls right out of the cast iron without sticking. A quick wipe with a paper towel and they get put away for the next time.

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sandy - I've seen them bake bread in iron skillets on qvc. always comes out clean.

I can't use iron pans these days tho. I've even gotten rid of my ironstone dishes (for light wght corelle) and my corning ware pots. They're too heavy for me - especially when food is added to them.

I can't trust my hands to hold on to anything. I also use mugs instead of glasses now - less pieces to clean up if i drop them.
And they have a handle.

The weight of cookware and dishes is a big issue for me.

I do appreciate your input on the pans. I won't be making regular white bread. I want a healthy recipe to add ground salba seed to. i might break down and make some zucchini bread also - with some added salba seed powder.

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"I have a brushed nickel faucet in one of our bathrooms, and it has been there for almost 8 years. No problems with the finish or anything, and I do not baby it. "

that's good to know shelayne! I'll check the price difference between the BN and SS. Maybe I can save $ on the bathroom to put toward the kitchen faucet!

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I keep forgetting to ask DH about where he gets his jelly roll pans, but I will email him right now. It is the only way I will ever get an answer!

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Ann Weaver

Best jelly roll pans I have found. These will never warp...commercial grade.

Here is a link that might be useful: Amazon

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From my DH:
We purchased a Vollrath Wear-Ever Aluminum Sheet Pan (IâÂÂm not sure if it qualifies as a jelly roll pan but it looks as though it would) from Amazon. They cost about $25 for about an 18" x 13" pan. The following is a link:

Here is a link that might be useful: Vollrath

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ammiann and nancy - thx to both of you! there are several different sizes so I'll check the recipe and see which one comes closest to what I'll need.

i already put one in my cart so i don't forget!

nancy - do you think I could just use parchment paper on it instead of grease/pam?

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I am sorry Steph, someone else is going to have to jump in and answer that one, I have never used parchment! Iowa Commute says she uses it at 425 degrees. What are you going to make,again?

Did you notice that with the pans that ammiann posted you get two pans to the one pan in my link?

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I'm going to make a Texas sheet cake. I've looked at several recipes and they say grease the pan - a few add to then flour it.
I'll probably use the recipe from PW.

I did see the 2 vs 1 - I don't need 2 so will go with the 1. no need to store or pay for more than I need.

maybe IC will post on the parchment use for this cake. I do remember putting waxed paper in cake pans - so I guess parchment should work too.

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Re the brushed nickel finish -- I hope that it holds up since I have that on all my handles and the faucet in the kitchen!

But, I do have a *very* cheap BN faucet in my bath; $30 I think it was... it has been there 10 years (at least, I don't quite remember when I put it in) and it was perfect until my DD moved back in and started abusing it. I caught her banging her razor on it to clear it, and maybe that combined with some of her face products (like salicylic acid in the pimple cream) has started some spots where the finish has turned blackish.

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Ann Weaver

desertsteph, the two were such a bargain, 2 were about the same price as 1, that I got two and they come in great when baking cookies because you can have a pan ready to go in when you take one out. You could always give one away to a friend if you didn't need the second. I love these because they don't warp and cook evenly.

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the set of 2 weren't the correct size for the recipe. it calls for a pan 13 x 18.

if I make cookies I can use it along with my cheapy small cookie sheet I recently bought. but I haven't made cookies in over 15 .

I haven't made any cakes either but I've missed this one (and the Watergate cake). This one I figure I can make up and easily cut into pieces and freeze most of it. At least, that's my plan - lol! the first time around maybe I'll manage to freeze at least half of it...

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