Removing Satellite Dish from Roof

huisman98December 3, 2006

I just moved into a house that has a satellite dish installed on the roof. I am using cable for my tv service so I plan on removing the satellite dish once I can find a ladder tall enough to get up on my roof. Has anybody removed one of these before? Are they simply bolted to the roof? Should I be prepared to just fill any holes in the roof with some kind of silicone or is there a better way to fill any holes in the roofing material left by the satellite.

Thanks for the help!

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Mine is held on with 4 bolts that are screwed into the roof. I recently wanted it moved, but found that the plate that holds the dish to roof had been glued to the shingles too (the roofer did this when the roof was reshingled, not the original installer). So, in order to prevent tearing up the shingles, I had to put down a mounting new plate and leave the old plate up there.

If you can just remove the four bolts that hold the plate, then you should be able to just fill the holes with a good quality silicone. If it is glued to the shingles like mine is, then leave it up there and just detach the dish/stem. The mounting plate is not all that noticeable by itself.

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THanks over_n_under! I was hoping it wouldn't be much more than that. I appreciate you taking the time to reply.

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