Fireplace---How to clean firebox and paint firebox?

nancyaustinDecember 5, 2009

We're redoing the facing of our fireplace and have added a gas connection so we can use gas logs. Before the refacing is started, I would like to clean the interior of the firebox and then paint it black. What should I use to clean the interior of the firebox? What sort of paint should I use to paint the interior of the firebox?

TIA for your help.

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If no one here has advise for you, you might try a cleaning service that specializes in clean up after home fires. They could give you an estimate on the cleaning or possibly be kind enough to just offer advise.

Another avenue would be to contact a chimney sweep in your area for advise/estimates.

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sierraeast, both of your suggestions are great. I just met with a chimney sweep/inspection company last week & failed to ask him these questions. I'll call him. I appreciate your help.

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