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sandra_dMarch 18, 2003

Hi Hazel, I have a question for you. Have you ever had anyone complain that your soap was drying & if so, how did you fix it? My daughter says the m&p I made for her dries out her skin. Do you add anything like oils or butters to moisturize? Is goat's milk soap better for this problem?

Thanks & hoping you can help, Sandra

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No,I've gotten nothing but complements on the soap. Where did you get your base? and what oils?
Glycerin is a natural humectrant, which draws moisture to the's possible her skin was dry before but just not noticed, but as with anything, when we change soap, tooth paste, deoderent, we are more likely to "notice" something that we overlooked before, & presumed it was normal.
It could be the soap base or the oils, you could try different, base & scent or leave it unscented & see how it goes.


(ps excuse any typos....just got in from stained glass class & have boo-boo's on multiple fingers....)

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Thanks, Hazel. I'll tell her I added something (but not really do it) for the next bar & see what she thinks!! The base I used is from a supplier not far from where I live - tubosoap - & I have never had any problems with any of his products. Maybe it's just my primadonna daughter. Sandra

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