attaching a ceramic undermount bowl to a granite countertop

justjeanne1December 4, 2009

A friend of mine, gave me a granite countertop for a bathroom vanity, with the sink hole already cut out, and a ceramic bowl to undermount. Unfortunately he doesn't know how to attach the 2 together, and neither do I, can anyone help. The big box stores are telling me to use clamps, but there is no where to put them. I have read on the internet, that there is an epoxy I can use to attach them, but they don't say what kind. Any help is appreciated.

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Clamp anchors are traditionally drilled into the bottom of the stone. That should be done by a professional.

There are those who believe that the bowl can be adhered to the stone. That generally works until someone does something stupid and overloads the bowl.

Silicone adheres well to non-porous smooth surfaces and it is flexible. Epoxies and polyurethanes adhere to pretty much anything but are more brittle.

Here is a link that might be useful: under mount sink installation

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