Can I Rant for a minute? - again...

CraftyGirl75March 17, 2003

Sorry folks - but I just have to. I just can't believe it. Some of you may remember over a month ago I posted about ordering from Autumn Windz. Well, to make a long story short - she never shipped, no correspondance from her, and so I had my credit card company reverse the funds. That was two weeks ago that I got my money back. So today in my e-mail box I got a message from UPS saying that she arranged a pick up of my order and it will be shipping today! **SCREAM** It's been five weeks since the order! I am so ticked off at her. You can never reach her, she doesn't have voice mail, and she refuses to answer e-mail. The only way I can make sure she's even possibly getting feedback from me is to fax her. I faxed her again today and told her to stop shipment because I was going to refuse the order. I mean, she has to have been contacted by merchant services and been told that the money was being refunded. You know what else - I haven't even replaced the order on the molds I ordered from her. So I really need them, but at this point it's the principle.

Whew - I feel a bit better.

Thanks guys.


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yes, definitly refuse the order!


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Ugh. I hate, hate, hate bad service. It's really nuts that you have to fax an internet-based company! My unethical temptation would be to keep the stuff and not pay...

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I would love to try that Tara. Problem is she has my credit card number and would charge it again. I'm not even sure what's going to happen at this point. I know that she will attempt to charge me shipping.

Someone told me there is a place on the web to report bad web businesses. Anyone know anything about that?

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there's internet fraud that i used when someone stiffed me on ebay. don't know if it's effective or not but it couldn't hurt.

or do a google search on internet fraud for more links.

good luck. how terribly frustrating! word of mouth is a powerful thing. i will never buy from her now.

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oops, how about it i make the link show up this time?

internet fraud complaint center.

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"Problem is she has my credit card number and would charge it again. "

Let your CC company know that her business IS NOT AUTHORIZED to charge anything, ask them to block any attempt to charge, and let her know that any further charges on your card will be considered unauthorized and reported as fraud.

That should slow her down.

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