tarararaMarch 10, 2003

I'm involved in a swap on another board I'm on, and I was wondering if anyone here would be interested? It's a fun way to check out what everyone else is doing and get some ideas (and feedback on your own stuff). The way it works is that everyone who is interested chimes in (and there is a deadline for chiming in) and then everyone makes enough bars for everyone in the swap to get one. You mail all your soap to the coordinator of the swap along with shipping $ for the return package - the coordinator mails everyone a package containing one bar from each participant (am I making sense??).

Also, we decide on a basic size of bar for the swap, and it could be themed (i.e. we all make lavender soap) or random (we all make whatever groovy soap we want to).

Anybody interested???

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You read my mind! I'd love to participate in a swap! We had talked a while back about setting up a swap, but everyone was busy with the holidays, etc. If I may make a suggestion, though--- I've been in secret swaps before where - instead of mailing your stuff to the coordinator, the coordinator just organizes through e-mails and you send your stuff directly to the recipient. Kind of like a secret pal. That way, the coordinator is not left with the huge task of sending out all those packages. Does this make sense the way I explained it? I would be willing to coordinate it if it was that way. I wouldn't have the time to do all the packaging and re-packaging. If ya'll want to do it the other way, that's cool with me too. Someone else would have to be the coordinator in that event. In any event, however, count me in.

I would also suggest that we include other body products in it too, like bath bubbles, salts, lotions, etc. so we can get a variety of things. If you don't do other stuff, that's okay too. Maybe like a total of three things to be sent to the recipient - three different bars of soap, or two soaps and a lotion, etc. Can ya'll tell I've been thinking about this? LOL! Can't wait to get everyone's opinion on this.


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I'm game.

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Magi: So it sounds like in your scenario each of us would get one package from one person instead of something from everyone? That's cool - simpler for sure. Let's do it!

Who else wants to play??

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I'll play. Whichever way you all decide to do it. I like the idea of different products too! I make everything, so it doesn't matter to me. JMO - but I don't care for the idea on all sending the same scent. It'll be neat to see the different scents that everyone has. I know I've got some off the wall ones.


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Ok, so far we have:
me (tarara, aka Tara)
magimay (aka Magi)
sriston (aka Susan)
CraftyGirl75 (aka Heather)

Let's follow Magi's suggestions and do three items each sent to one other member. And, shall we allow another week or so for people to join??

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sounds good to me- I'm taking the liberty of posting a new thread to get everyones attention. Hope you don't mind.

Crafty Girl

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