Do I need to dry clean before sewing?

freckles81September 15, 2011

I'm making two long box cushions for built in benches in my sunroom. The fabric I will be using is from the home decor section and like most fabric in that section is dry clean only. I pre-wash everything before sewing but I'm wondering if you should do the same with dry clean only fabric? I tried washing a small piece to see if I could get away with throwing it in the washer instead, but it did pucker somewhat. I would prefer not to have to dry clean before as that will be an added expense and I don't dry clean anything.

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I would ... just because I'm paranoid. What is the fiber content?

I washed and hung several yards of "dry clean only" material for upholstery and it softened and slightly puckered but not enough to make it unwashable.

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Was the puckering from shrinkage, or did it press out? If it didn't shrink, I wouldn't mess with it at all. Same if you're just going to vacuum them weekly until you get tired of them (or they fade) and change them.

If you'll wash them rather than dry clean them, then wash the fabric.

If you're going to dry clean them, you can steam the fabric heavily- like to the point of dampness- then iron it some more to eliminate the shrinkage yourself, or you can have the cleaners do it for you.

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