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Dee1March 29, 2007

Hello all you lovely candlemakers. I'm usually found at the photograpy, Kitchen Table or Pet forums, but my friend needs help and doesn't have a computer. Her problem is that when she makes jar candles they appear beautiful when she first pours the wax. They are all nice and even across the top. However, once they harden there is a "dimple" in the center and the candles only burn in the center and she keeps having to pour wax out of the middle as it collects and would drown the wick. Does anyone have any advice they could give her? I believe she uses old wax from other candles that she didn't burn all the way down. TIA, Dee

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Well because she's using old wax..who knows how much scent and color they originally had in them, and if she's blending old candles..(which would probably be different waxes) She's got something that has no safety factors in place.
First thing, if she wants to continue doing it this way is to get a bigger wick..And not burn it unless she's near....She's getting what's called tunneling and that happens when the wick is to small for the "application" it's put into. Is she also adding more scent to this wax?

But I'd recommend that she just pick a wax from a supplier as near her as possible..(A real supplier not Michaels.)
And use that...
She's flirting with danger and disaster using old already once colored and scented wax.

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I agree with the last post, too many things going on in that mixture to get it right.. but if she really wants to use the wax from the old left over candles tell her to buy a few tart pans and make tarts or fill the old wax into glass votive cups to use with candle warmers...... but I would not put a wick in it... :-)
Blessings & Hot frys!

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