sears craftsman door opening problem

rjgolf211December 16, 2008

I have a sears craftsman model 139.53628srt. Door was working fine, came home and all of a sudden door will not go down when hitting the one button on the wall. door budges and then returns. I get the blinking bulb. Tried adjusting the eyes no results. both car remotes get nothing from when pressing. When I hold the one button on the wall the door goes all the way down. If I let go before it gets to bottom it comes back up. I noticed only one of the eyes have a green light on. HELP!

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It sounds to me that your door obstruction sensors are not functioning. check the alignment again and clean the lenses.Eliminating that,the one with the green led not lit could mean the wiring to it is broken or disconnected, or the electronic circuit board in the opener is malfunctioning and needs repaired /replaced or the obstruction sensor quit functioning. First thing I would do is check the wiring looking for breaks in the wiring or someplace it got pinched or pulled. Check the wiring diagram in the manual. If you do not have the manual you can download a copy off of sears part web site. It probably the alignment of the sensors or a bad board in the door opener.

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I'm not a garage opener expert, but luckily fixed this problem on two recent occasions for different folks. In one instance the eye was aimed a bit sideways, so I bent the bracket a tiny bit to orient it to the other side, which took care of it. On the second incident, the "eye" was fine, but the "wired" side (with the little red/green dot) had come undone. I snapped it back in place, with the dot aimed toward the eye on the other side, then it worked fine.

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I just fixed mine by wiping off the bottom track. Looks like leaf debris was hanging and the eye was seeing it.

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