Kitchen Soap

sristonMarch 24, 2004

This is another recipe I got from Libby Dryden. It is great, and we sell about 20 bars of this soap a week. It is by far the best soap I have ever used at my kitchen sink. I use two pounds of SFIC Goatsmilk base. Once it is melted, I add two tablespoons of Coffee Mocha fragrance oil (from WSP, it is a duplicate of Starbuck's Cafe Mocha). After the fragrance oil is stirred in well, I add two tablespoons of used, well dried coffee grounds. Let this cool down really, really well before pouring it into the mold so the coffee grounds will stay suspended and not sink to the bottom. Because of the FO and the coffee grounds, this soap will age to brown. This soap has never failed to remove any kind of odor from my hands. Customers love it. I also have several customers that use it on their dogs (they say it gets rid of the doggy smell). Now, a note here: this fragrance, although everyone loves it, does not sell at all in regular soap. I thought it would, because it is such a wonderful fragrance and the fragrance is the first thing that draws customers to the kitchen soap. Kitchen Soap sells like hotcakes, regular soap with this fragrance sat for two months on our shelves. I finally re-cycled it. Strange, isn't it?


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This sounds great! We've been looking for a good kitchen soap recipe! Drat - now ANOTHER order for new f.o.! Every time we decide to "cut back", we come across something we have to try!


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I hope this soap will sell for you like it does for us. I make four pounds every week and every week it sells out. Some people don't use FO in it, instead they just rely on the cofee grounds for fragrance. However, it is the fragrance that really sells this product at our shop. This is the only product I use that fragrance in, too (other than trying regular soap made with that FO once). You can actaully use any base you want to with this recipe, but I always use Goatsmilk or sometimes half goatsmilk and half white.

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This soap smells great! Made my 1st batch last night.

And I don't even drink coffee! Had DH save grounds for me.


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Doesn't this soap just smell fantastic?? I just love having it on my sink. Here's a tip one of my customers gave me and I have passed it along to other customers: put one (or more) of these bars of soap in the drawer or linen closet where you keep your kitchen linens. The dishclothes and etc. will smell like the soap. She buys several bars at one time and keeps one in her dishtowel/dishcloth drawer and the rest are stored under the sink (all are stored wrapped, but the fragrance still comes through the wrapper well).

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I can't wait to try this -- just waiting for the F.O. to get here. I found some really cute big coffee cups at Marshalls on clearance and thought I'd try putting a couple of bars into the cup and trimming them out for Mother's Day. I only bought a few mugs so if they don't sell, guess I'll have a new cup or two for coffee!


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Thanks for the idea with the mugs, I bought some big ones at xmas and did not use, now they have a use.
I made the soap last week with Cappacino FO, awesome fragrance.

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The coffee soap in the mugs looks awesome, I also had big saucers with mine, I sprinkled some whole coffee beans around the saucer and in the mug once everything was assembled then wrapped in cello with raffia.

I just started making some grubby soap loafs, they are awesome as well. Made a strawberry jam loaf, first took clear glycerin and added cranberry seeds, red dye and a excellent new strawberry jam FO I purchased, I let the soap set up then cut in huge chunks (they really looked like strawberries) then embedded them in goat milk soap, let it set up partially and heated some more goat milk, let it thicken and just started drizzling on loaf, then eventually I popped the loaf out and drizzled more goat on it so it could run down the sides, then I took some of the orginal red glycerin that I saved reheated and let it thicken some then kept drizzling it on top. It looks great, looks like real strawberry jam on top and drizzling down everywhere. I am going to make a Orange Creamcicle next, using a orange glycerin loaf and smothering it in goat etc.

Oh well, just thought I would share this with you. I actually should not be experimenting with anything else with all the shows I have to get ready for but I can't resist, sometimes I get tired of doing the same old thing.

By the way, I am going to make 1LB loafs of the grubbies and sell them whole with homespun tied around them to my gift shops and at shows. I think I will call it "Grubby Kitchen Loaf". Wouldn't they look cool on a cutting board or piped tray on counter so you could just slice some as needed :o)

See ya later

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That sounds so neat! You are very creative! I wouldn't think of that in a million years! I wish stuff like that would sell here, but it won't. I have tried plenty of times to sell seasonal and/or gift items and they will not sell. Beats me why. Evidently, people in my area are just "practical" people!

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The kitchen soap did great! Made 4# and sold all except 1 bar at our show this past weekend. Sold all 4 of the mugs too. We've had good success with some seasonal soaps (ie. Merry Christmas) and lower priced gifts - 2 bars of soap ribboned onto a wooden soap dish = $10. We found we do better when we drop a hint "Makes great teacher's gifts." "A lot of our customers buy these for hostess gifts." "We designed that for a friend who wanted something special for Mother's Day." etc etc Ended up with an order for 50 special packs one day! Rare though!

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can you tell me what the letters SFIC and WSP stands for

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I don't know SFIC, but WSP is

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thanks for the info Sara

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Do a search on SFIC and you'll find they are a vendor that sells melt and pour soap bases and other things. Not sure what SFIC actually stands for.

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