Name That House!

MoccasinJanuary 20, 2010

Since the first thread bombed, we'll try a new subject line

and see what happens.

I lived on a boat named The Bounty for 10 years, I kept the concept after moving to a cottage. My first one on a bayou I named MoccasinLanding and took my online persona from there. The house destroyed by Hurricane Katrina we named Fahanlunaghta, after the parish in Ireland where my hubby's mom was born. Our present Casa Del Sol, is a small stucco cottage filled with sunlight.

To my way of thinking, it is good to give a name beside "home" to places of the heart. Anyone else do this?

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So glad you tried this again. I was just going to try it myself. not sure what happened with your thread either. It appears GW might be having troubles again from the notice at the top of the page.

So YES we did name our house. For more than one reason. Weird reasons.

First it is a manufactured home so it got to fly down the roads to get here. EEEKKK I am so glad I did not see that part although I do have a picture of it sitting down at the cafe on the highway.

Second We live on West Canary Street. This dictated the color of the house when I chose it at the manufacture. I choose a light Canary Yellow with white roof and trim. We live in heavy snow country dictating metal roof.

So Canary Cottage has landed in Her forever place. Hopefully next year I will have the gumption to get the vintage birdcage and stand out of my junk pile and install it on the front porch. I want to make a sign for the front porch and have a large heavy metal tray to do my mosaic on and a few ,too many, things collected to do the sign. Just so many projects going on in my brain. I really should do this soon.Hopefully this year will be the year of the front porch.

Not a great picture. We have only been here a little over a year and lots to do to make this place home.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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I was going to say no, but then I remembered that we kind of did. I call it 4 M Acre, because there were 4 of us with names starting with M and it's an acre. Not very original, I know.

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I have named two houses. Not this one, no clue. One place was our farm and called Double Back B. Named because we doubled back to CO and after my mom and a dearly beloved pet's initials.

My father always wanted a place called Belly Acres...

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Shades, I think your concept of CANARY COTTAGE and your ideas for creating a theme for your home are well chosen. To think is to create, and you are doing fine there.

Marti, IMHO, it is not necessary to be cute for the sake of being cute. If it is what you call it, that is the way you "sees" it.

Emagineer, you dad is way cool...BELLY ACRES....I always like to name if I ever started a sandwich shop near the beach, it would be named: SANDY WITCH....
Out in CO, lots of places are named, due to the ranch tradition. And also probably because it was easier to deliver mail that way, and brand cattle. Your name sounds very ranchlike.

Along the coastlines, in waterfront communities, naming boats is the way things are done. Almost every Bed & Breakfast has a great name too, indicating a personality.

Someone once wrote they did not name things they cows or chickens....because naming it made it personal, gave the creature an identity. I can identify with that.

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I've never had a house with a name. In coastal CT where I'm from, a lot of the old beach cottages had names, usually real or faux American Indian names. I've been trying to come up with a name for our place in SC. The area is called Mush Creek, so I might work with that. I'd like to grow a few wine grapes, so that might enter into it, even though I would never sell any of the wine I make. Mush Creek Hill Vineyards? As for the house itself, I've decided to call it the McCottage, as a reaction to McMansions. A friend of mine with a great sense of humor has a beautifully restored vintage truck that he calls 'The Turnip Truck'. He says that for $5 he'll let you fall off of it. I have a vision of someday owning a nice old truck like that, with a nicely painted sign that says 'Mush Creek Hill Farms- Purveyors of Fine Turnips'.

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Actually we have named about every house we have owned. Since there were so many I will not do every one here. But one was pretty cute. We had two mules and a BLM Jack Three horses and a cow and goat.The property was 100 acres we named it Pyle Meadows. Hehehehe Pyle spelled as written as it is our last name.

We also called it the Down River ranch because it was down river of our other house. DH told me to always be sure to move down river so all he had to do was toss the stuff in the river and we could catch it on the way by at the other end. Well it did not work that way and sadly after the flood that joke was not quite as funny.

Enjoying hearing the names and why.


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We are searching for a name for our lake place on a bay on Loon Lake.

Currently high on the list are:

The Asylum
The Hermitage
Tranquility Bay
Loon Lake Labor Camp

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Flgargoyle, will the sign for your McCottage have the typical GOLDEN ARCHES on it? That would really get the message across.

And Shades, Pyle Meadows, was it perhaps in the Palmetto State? Down River Ranch is VERY evocative of a long gone era, sort of an angst feeling. I find it also romantic along the lines of LOST RIVER. (BTW, was Ernie Pyle the journalist one of your family?)

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We have not named our home, but I love the idea of it! I often watch 'relocation' shows on TV, and it seems that almost all the houses they look at in Europe have names. I think it's a very neat idea. I'll have to put my brain to it and come up with a good name for ours. We've been here almost 8 years, and plan on being here for many many more.

I love Belly Acres, Canary Cottage, Pyle Meadows, and McCottage! The ones you've come up with for the house on Loon Lake are good too! There are some very imaginative folks out there. :o)

Great thread, moccasinlanding!


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Missy usually the name will come to you. Just let it happen.


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Shades, you are right, it WILL come to you. I think in your case, it jumped right up and told you WHO IT very appropriate and expressive of a life style.

Missy, it might help you a little if you were to think of what you'd name your home if you saw it as a bed and breakfast.....or a pub?.......hehehehe

In Ireland we came out of mass and walked straightway across the street and into a pub named THE MONK'S WATERING HOLE. Not suggesting that sort of name for a house, but even a name like THREE OAKS is descriptive.

For a fixer-upper, how about HONEY DEW COTTAGE? Paint a sign with the honey dew melon curly tendrils, leaves, melon in the back....but every man who sees the sign knows exactly what it signifies.... :)

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lol I LOVE 'Honey Dew Cottage' hahaha That's very cute. The only ideas that 'come to me' are those associated with teenaged boys, or wet dogs, or kitty hairs or .... well you get the idea. Summertime is a much better time for inspiration I think.

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Heheheh HoneyDew Cottage is perfect. Especially with just the painting and no words.

There were several names for our cottage but when we settled on Canary Cottage all the other names have left my mind.


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It is not quite the same thing, but I spent ten years of my childhood living in Max Bradley's Place. We were city slickers who moved to a farming area between two rural towns and whenever we met new people or went trick-or-treating, we learned to tell them that we lived at Max Bradley's. Never met the man, nor any relatives, but he seemed to be a member of our family after a while.

Once we'd been there several years and some straight-line winds blew a hole in the barn that my dad repaired leaving several fiberglass windows painted with day-glo paint, they started calling our place the one with the "hippy barn." I guess Max was rolling in his grave when Dad put fluorescent lights behind those windows and built a geodesic dome over the swimming pool!

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Nancy it is like that in our town here. There was some one that had a house on our property now and it has been gone for many years. No one can remember the name of the people so maybe that is a good thing. We do not have a name to live down for once.


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Nancy, your dad was on top of the trends! How neat to have an indoor pool--no debris blowing in to clean out.
And more light into the barn with the fiberglass even w/ dayglo paint. Love the "hippy barn" concept.

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We named ours Plum Cottage because of the color we painted our little place. Below is a collage of pictures of our Plum Cottage, one shed, gardens and flowers.

Moccasin Landing sounds nice and so does Casa del Sol.

Chris ~ I love Canary Cottage inside and out.

Flgargoyle ~ Wow, Mush Creek is just waiting to be made into your new home's name.

Beemer ~ Those are some great names.

Missy ~ Like others have said, just let the name come to you. Of course, now that you are thinking about it you will have several come to mind. Have fun.

MoccasinLanding ~ Honey Dew Cottage is really cute completed with painting.

Nancy ~ I would liked to have seen the 'hippy barn' at Max Bradley's place.

This is a fun thread.


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In 2010 my house will be 100 years old! It is a type of brick bungalow, but not the Stickly furniture-leaded windows-miles of oak trim of the $$$$ bungalows. So I say my house is bungalow-esque or a bungalow wannabe. It's still a very sturdy house, been through lots of hurricanes and ice storms. I've got 9' ceilings and original oak floors, plus a nice large front porch. I think it was more of a workingman's bungalow. At least it was affordable! Here is a pic:

I'm open to name suggestions!


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OH Teresa. Your house is really darling. Every house has it's own personality. Something that will reveal itself to you. Sit on your wonderful porch and let it speak to you.

Red Brick Cottage??

What is the view out that top front window?


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That window is in the full length unfinished attic. The view is just the opposite house across our rather narrow street. Noting special.


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teresa, your house is beautiful. I would love to live in a house that had some character. I love the triple windows and the door sidelights. And I must say that I'm partial to brick. Is that a southern thing? lol

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Yes, I guess you could say brick is a southern thing. We've got to do something with all the red clay in the region. I'll never forget when I was flying home into the state from a long, stressful trip to the island of Borneo how wonderful that d*** red soil looked to me from the air!

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I love your home Teresa, but I'm partial to big covered porches with steps and side windows on the front door.

Nancy, that is so funny! I can just see the neighbors talking about what is happening at Max Bradley's house. It was like that in the neighborhood where I grew up and my mom still lives. When we are talking about the neighborhood, we still call the houses by the names of people who lived there 40 years ago - for the most part. The house next door is one of the exceptions because the people who are there now have been there longer than any previous owner, and are close friends now.

How neat to have a dome over your pool. I bet you were the envy of every kid around.

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Teresa, your home is beautiful. It looks so cute and welcoming. I think the curved railing on the stairs is saying 'come on in'. It's often amazes me how such seemingly insignificant things (such as your railing) can have such an impact on an overall feel.

I have always thought brick homes look more solid and 'built to last' (I'm not from the South).

It looks like you have a very green thumb - you have a really nice variety of greenery around your home. Do you ever hang baskets of flowers in your porch area? I bet that would look absolutely lovely. I wonder if the types of bushes that you like best could fit into a house name for you.


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Our house is called..."Wet snake hollow".

We were looking at a lot of blocks/land over a two or three year period and to remember which block was which we named them with something on the block. This one was very wet when we saw it and had a snake down near the creek. It became "Wet snake" ever after, so that was what we called the house after we built and moved in.

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I'm happy to see this thread about naming homes. I named our current house and had never considered doing that before...but somehow, this one had to have a name. I even made a sign for the front door.

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What a lovely name. Is there a story behind the name?

Had a horse once named Shady Lady. My first horse. She was a dappled buckskin and always looked like she was standing in the shade.

Welcome pfmastin at Evenshade. OH How dreamy. Love it.

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'Wet Snake Hollow" - oh my! What a cute name (as long as the snakes stay by the creek).

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Evenshade is an evocative name, PFMastin. This home holds more meaning to you than any other, for whatever reason.

I'm reading a book by Jane Alexander now. SPIRIT OF THE HOME: How to make your home a sanctuary. I've had it for some time, but only this week discovered that it has a lot about the gods and goddesses of the ancient cultures around the world, the symbolism of the hearth and the features of a home in various cultures. And, it has a good bit about feng shui too. It mentioned naming a home, and I thought it would be great to quote that bit in this thread, but tonight I cannot find it again. Maybe it will show up tomorrow.

One paragraph from the book, just to tantalize you:
"If your home were a color, which would it be? If it were a shape, what would that be? If it were a symbol...? If it had a secret name...? "

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