Oatmeal Soap

sristonMarch 24, 2004

This is a very simple soap to make, and is a consistent seller here all year long. I use two pounds of white SFIC Melt and Pour base. Once the base is melted, I add in a tablespoon of shea butter. Once the shea butter is all melted and mixed in with the base good, I add 2 teaspoons (yes, teaspoons as I just want a very light fragrance for this soap) of Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey fragrance oil. The only OMH fragrance oil that I like the scent of is the one from Brambleberry. The others I have tried smelled too much like a kitchen scent, and weren't the comforting fragrance that this one is. I then remove from the heat and I add a fistfull (I don't measure) of baby oatmeal. I crush the baby oatmeal up real good in my hands, then dump it into the base. Stir it real well, and let it cool down really well before you pour it into your mold or the oatmeal will settle too much.


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We do a very similar oatmeal soap but we add 1 T of dark honey instead of the shea butter and use vanilla / peppermint as fragrance. Yummy. Being the impatient type, we stir / pour and the oatmeal does settle but the customers seem to like it. It's always one of our top selling soaps.


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I think I may try your version as it sounds good, too. What combination of vanilla/peppermint do you use? Do you do half and half, or what?

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I tried a batch of this last night Susan.
Came out great! I used the OMH oil you use.

Boy it becomes almost too thick to pour quickly. But I do have suspended oatmeal!

Thanks for the recipe. Now I'll see how it does in the shop.


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Glad the suspension came out okay. Suspending and embedding are two of my weaknesses; I can now suspend quite well but still haven't been able to do an embed. The OMH fragrance from Brambleberry is really great- customers love it. I have tried many other OMH fragrances but they all smell like a litchen candle type fragrance. I hope the Oatmeal soap sells as well for you as it does for us. Also, you can make Oatmeal lotion, too. Use the same fragrance but add finely crushed baby oatmeal to your lotion base. I add about 1/4 of a cup of oatmeal to a 4 ounce bottle of lotion. (Well, I add it to the base before it is in the bottle, but you know what I mean.) The Oatmeal lotion sells quite well, too.

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Susan - sorry it took me so long; I missed your reply. We use 2t vanilla to 1t peppermint for a 4 cup batch of mp. The peppermint seems to want to take over so we back off on it if need be.


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