How long can I make my island?

psyoheMay 18, 2013

My kitchen is 15' wide from front of refrigerator to oven/pantry.

The refrigerator needs 33" to open without hitting the island.

The oven needs only 15" but the pantry drawers need 22" to open.

How wide should the aisles be?

How long can I make my island?
Thanks, peke

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Sophie Wheeler

You've got to plan to get your appliances in and out for maintenance and replacement. In front of a fridge, I'd want no smaller than a 48" aisle as that's a high traffic zone. In front of the oven, you don't want to go below 36", and 42" would be better to allow traffic to pass while you're accessing the pantry. Counter overhang will be 1 1/2" on both sides of the island and the perimeter as well. So if you have 15' (180") then you have room for 93 of cabinetry with minimal clearances. If you want the island to have seating on one of those sides, then subtract 15" for the overhang and another 18" for the body that will occupy the seat. And that's being conservative as well.

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Hollysprings, you are so helpful. Thank you.

I had planned for 54 inches all the way around. So it looks like I will have plenty of room. The refrigerator is about 24" deep so they will have room to pull it out. All other appliances are 24" deep as well.

So if I have room for 54" I should do it instead of 48"?

So the granite will add 1 1/2" on three sides, plus my 15" overhang for seating area.

Now I need to sketch out my island. Thanks again. Peke

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this site may give you some guidelines.

Here is a link that might be useful: kitchen design

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Thanks, Julie. I had just looked at that site right before I posted. It was really helpful. Thank you for posting the link in case I forget it or if someone else needs it. Peke

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