Gardener's Soap, southern style

sristonMarch 24, 2004

This is not my original recipe, but one I got from Libby Dryden. It has been a consistent seller in our shop (seasonally, I don't make it during the winter months). I always make a two pound batch. I use SFIC Melt and Pour bases. For this recipe I use one pound of white base and one pound of goatsmilk base. Once the bases are melted, I add in two tablespoons of unmelted shea butter. After the shea butter has melted and I have stirred it into the base good, I add 2 tablespoons of Fresh Cucumber fragrance oil (from WSP). I then remove from the heat (I use a make-shift double boiler method for melting), and add 1 tablespoon of yellow cornmeal (or try the Mexican Blue Cornmeal if you can find it anywhere for some color variation) and one tablespoon of grits (not the instant kind). You have to let this really cool down before pouring it into the mold or the cornmeal and grits will all sink to the bottom.


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I made this soap the other day, LOVE it but I cheated (always have to) and put oatmeal in it as well, looks and smells awesome. I think I will display mine in a big clay gardening pot with a old looking wood sign that says "Grubby Gardners Soap".

I also rec'd my FO for the coffee soap, I got Cappacino (ok, can I say it smells good enough to drink) I have gotten so much better at suspending my ingredients, my soaps look 100% now, before I was pouring to quick and getting settling, no settling now.

I was thinking about getting this cool silicone mold for the coffee soap that has coffee beans on the top but I wonder if I should make in the loaf mold and cut or I wonder how real coffee beans would look in the soap? Got to play with it a little.

Do any of you get Cicadas? We do, they will be here in May (just in time for my first huge outdoors show) I am just worried now about attendance. Cicadas are gross.


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I am glad you like the Gardener's Soap, and your idea for displaying it sounds great! I do not like bugs of any sort, especially if they are large and flying by the hundreds all around me. You are a brave gal!

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Not brave, just have to do the show because I paid for it last year and it is a huge show. I just hope the nasty things stay in the ground until the weekend after the show.


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Good luck with the show--and the bugs. Heard on the weather channel today that they were expecting the cicadias in IN, & OH around May 21st. Showed pics of them......ugly critters!

This also came out great for me. Except I just used grits & added oatmeal. I **HAD** some blue cornmeal-got it off ebay JUST for this........had it with all the other stuff I ordered to make these soaps.


Looked high & low. I'm sure it will turn up, but danged if I was gonna go out to the store JUST for cornmeal! Just doubled the grits & added a bit of oatmeal.

Sheesh, I hate when things just up & walk off......

Anyway, soap came out good. But man takes forever to get it cool enough to suspend!

I give you credit girl, doing all these "suspended" soaps.

If you can do these, CP won't be a problem for you!


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I have looked high and low for blue cornmeal but have never been able to find any. I never thought of checking on Ebay. You know you will find that cornmeal when you are not looking for it- that's what always happens! LOL. This soap is a little harder to suspend, isn't it? By the time it is suspending nicely, you can almost spread it in the mold instead of pouring! I still haven't tried my hand at CP because I don't have a mold. The only molds I have are Milky Way molds and I am not sure if they can be used for CP.

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