Stearic Acid question

magimayMarch 1, 2003

I've read where stearic acid makes your bars harder and last longer. I have some on order from Libby, but it won't get here until Monday. My question is this - is "Stearine" which you find in the candle section of Jo Ann's and Michael's the same thing? I can go pick up a small batch today if it is for the bars I'm going to make today. If not, guess I'll have to wait until Monday. I do have some beeswax which I have also read makes your bars harder and last longer. Does anyone have any experience with these two things that they will share? TIA...


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I recently got some and yesterday when I made soap I added 1 teaspoon to a pound of soap; I didn't want to lose the soft, glycerin soap quality, but here in our water the bars just disolve in one washing! I haven't used any of the bars I made yet. I, too, am anxious to learn how this will effect the quality of the soap. I don't think it is the same as the stearine that you use on candles, but I am not sure.

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